torker tx 5-ft giraffe

im getting one for my birthday in like less then 20 days!!! but anyway is it a good buy ?

if you’re careful with them then yes they’re good fun. The two things to watch out for are bending the frame by dropping the uni, or the sprocket slipping because the ring has unscrewed, which causes sudden loss of drive.

i was thinking about that has anywone like tryd to do trials with a giraffe they wouldprolly die but it would be awesome ill prolly end up atleast trying to hop with it

by saying ‘the sprocket slipping’, does that mean, the sprocket is slipping along the thread? or can the entire sprocket+thread combination slip relative to the hub?
My sprocket slipped today, and I’m wondering if just putting loctite on the thread will help, or it is actually slipping elsewhere.

Also…does anyone know which lockring spanner I should use on tx?