"Torker Torture"!!!!!!!

I had this idea for a uni film…

its simple…
buy a torker cx.
put a nice seat on it.
and thrash it with trials!!

ride it till unridable!!!

take the psi to 50 and do a 5 foot drop!!!

rate this idea -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-?

Not a bad idea. As long as you do a steady progression of abuse. Otherwise your video ends up being 10 seconds long once you taco the wheel on your first drop.

I think a better idea would be to fill the tire with pudding and then do a big drop.

or read colored corn syrup. that could be a good hidden feature for a video. just fill a tire too fat for the rim with varios condiments and dessert treats and land some heavy drops.

my vote is for mustard.

That sounds like fun.

The filling with condiments type ideas sounds funny, but I question what’s going to happen with the tire/tube combo when you hit. Shouldn’t provide any bounce at all… maybe even dangerous!

There’s only one way to find out.:smiley:

The max psi is 60 on the 24 inch wheel.

And why bother with a drop? Riding it across a slope (not up and down) and the wheel will bend.

It did for me anyway.

I love the idea, but be careful. The small stunts will do a lot more damage than you may suppose.

The first thing that would happen wouls be the axle breaking.I broke the axle on my old lx.

Heres a couple better ideas:

Save the money and buy better equipment for yourself.

Use the money to donate a unicycle to a club, or for use as a prize at a convention.

Buy love.

Dude, you have way too much money.


Yeah the first uni I had was a 24" lx, I ruined the axil and the cranks on my first 4 foot drop ever. I still have all the parts floating around the grage hopeing that some day I can fix it.

You can’t buy love!
You may “help it” a bit, bit you can’t actually buy it, and that really sucks.

Anyway, i think the other 2 advices are very noble and fair.

Re: “Torker Torture”!!!

I rate it “It’s your money.”

But why kill a Torker, a perfectly good “regular” uni, great to learn on? If you want to kill something, you should get one of those crap tricycle-technology unicycles, like my old Troxel. You can find lots of them on eBay. Buy one cheap, and do the unicycling world a favor by destroying it!

Unfortunately it’s been done (Universe I). When that video was first screened, most of the group I was with didn’t understand this part. They thought it was too mean or destructive. That’s because they didn’t learn to ride on a Troxel. I thought it was one of the best parts of the whole film. Hilarious! How many times did I want to do that when I was trying to ride that piece of crap?

How are you guys breaking your axles off of just 4’ drops, you must have to land pretty damn hard. I’ve done 4 footers a whole bunch of times on my 24’’ lx, all that happened was one of the cranks bent a little cause it wasnt tightened down all the way. You guys need to learn to absorb the falls better or something.

If you really want a rating, I’d give it a 0. Why trash a perfectly good learner uni? Use the money to buy something worthwhile.

Exactly, why trash a good uni when there are still old cottered hubs in this world.

I think I may have just found a way to retire several of mine.

If you feel the great urge to waste your money like this than buy one of these: Here Click! I have always wondered how these would hold up to the slightest abuse, the question here is which will break first the cranks, the hub, or the entire wheel!?!?

i belive i will…:smiley:

That unicycle is so many times better than the one I learned on. It’s a “real” unicycle.

My experience with mag wheel unicycles is that they eventually have a problem with the interface between the steel axle and nylon wheel. The hub starts to come loose. That’s after heavy use. If you just ride it like most people they hold up fine. I don’t think big drops would break a nylon mag wheel; it probably just bends.

That’s funny that you posted this idea.

Just a couple of weeks ago I had a similiar idea. I had 5 new 2004 torker unistars at my house (I’m doing a community service project where I teach teens who are from troubled families how to ride a unicycle). I had to put them together, and I was riding one around our house. I was grinding with it on my/zack’s grindbox. It was interesting because I was griding smoother with the torker than my trials uni!

Anyway, that got me thinking it would be fun to do a bunch of street and trials one day using only a torker. My idea differs because I didn’t have in mind destroying the uni. There is nothing wrong with that, just that you’ll be wasting money. This would be more fun if you got an old unicycle at a garage sale for about 10 bucks.



Re: “Torker Torture”!!!

That’s soo mean!! Torker’s have feelings too, you know!
I for one would never be able to do something like that to a unicycle. Even my old Savage…

kind of like what jester said…

it would be fun to see what good they are for and what limets they have…