Torker Tire

Can someone let me know what is the max tire ( without rubbing) I can fit in the torker dx 2005 frame ? also the make model of tire.

According to this thread, a Gazz 3.0 will fit in the DX24 frame. The tire will NOT fit on the narrow stock rim however.

What kind of rim do I need to mate with the stock hub? but can take a gazz.

I want to know that myself. The main problem is that the stock hub and rim are drilled for 48 spokes. I have been unable to find a downhill rim with 48 holes.

I am thinking maxxis high roller.

$14 dollars. it’s a 2.7 what do you run?

Any idea what is the biggest tire is that will stay on the stock rim? 2.7 ?

my Arrow Wide byte 3.0 fits great on the stock rim.

The Halo Combat SAS 24" rim comes in a 48 hole. This is what I used. I went to a Yuni frame since I have the older frame and it would not fit the Gazzi 24x3.

ok just I cam clear on everything. The torker dx 2005 only will accept a 3.0 tire but not the GAZZ. I just received my torker dx 2005 and took er out to the rails to trails this is a great trail some railroad lava like rocks. The stock tire did ok but I would really like to put on a 3.0 on the stock rim.

the frame will take the Gazz but not the stock rim.

get an Arrow Wide Bite 24x3.0

thanks for all you help! what year did they change the frame? 2005?

i think it was late 2004 not sure, but the legs are definatly about an inch longer now.

how come the arrow will fit being a 3.0 but not the GAZZ 3.0 ?? I did order a maxxis high roller 2.7 just to have because it was $14. has 2 arrow tires one very cheap and one not so cheap what is the difference?

time to hit the search my friend. class is over.

Thanks. Sorry to bother anyone.

if the easy solution to the 48 spoke dh rim is to get a HALO Combat can someone please tell me where you can buy a HALO Combat 48 spoke 24" rim in white preferably?

i can really only find dealers in the UK i would prefer Canada but the US would be my second option.