torker tire width

I was looking at the Torker DX and the note at the bottom of the page says frame can not accept a tire larger than 2.3 inches. Is this just for the older models or do the new ones have better tire clearance? I am baisicly asking if I can fit a 3 inch tire on the nw model.

no way 3 inch is way too fat to fit on a torker frame ive seen it tryed before and it wont fit.

I know a 2.5 fits with plenty of space on hte sides. the only way to find out if ya can fit a 3.0 is to try if it doesnt yuni might be able to hold it.

Well, a 2.6 wide gazz is pretty beefy anyway. But I guess if you just must have a mega-tire… :slight_smile:

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yes the 2005 Torker DX’s fit a 3.0 tyre.

sorry your wrong…please dont post incorrect information. here is all the proof you need. read the whole thread,look at the pictures.

I’ve got a kenda kollasal 2.6 on mine with plenty room,but the same tire will not fit on an older dx frame.

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But,it wont fit well on the rim,right?It would technically work,its just not a good idea.

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exacly, it fits in the frame but a new rim is needed since the stock one is to thin for that wide of a tire.

A friend of mine just put a 3.0 Gazz on his 05 Torker DX, but it’s very easy to fold the tire. It fits, but a new rim would be good. Then you have to find a 24" 48 spoke rim. Halo sells a 48h Combat rim.