Torker splined hub crank shims question!?

I tried to be as descriptive as possible so hopefully people can help with the question. I have a splined hub and cranks from a Torker DX that I have re-laced on to a pretty nice rim and have now tried to mount on my 2006/07 Kris Holms frame. The bearing spacers I have work great, the whole set-up rocks, right up until the cranks grind on the frame. I noticed that there are already 2 x 1/8th inch or 3/16th spacers between the bearing and the cranks but I need likely one more say 3/16th spacers to get the clearance I need. I search the forum,, and USA and it doesn’t seem to be something that anyone has for sale, but I can’t be the only person who has run into this quandry? Please let me know what the inside diameter of these spacers is or the OD of the axle and if there is some crazy off the shelf washer that I can buy to do the trick.

I used to have this problem with mine when I got my Nimbus Muni frame. I was making spacers with cartboard at first, then I decided after a few months that it was time for some real spacers. I brought my Muni in a BMX shop and they had all the spacers for me. Splined cranks are mainly used on BMXs now so you should go take a look.

Thanks Jacob.
Huge BMX community here, so should be easy to find. Great tip.

yah proper spacers from BMXers etc would probably be best but I found a stack of “plastic washers” cut from the lid of an icecream pail worked great to set my DX cranks a bit further out when they rubbed on my Yuni frame.

These spacers worked well also :stuck_out_tongue: But the nimbus frame was wider so I needed new ones. I’m still beating up that DX32 I got from you on that Torker DX wheel! The hub was changed last year though, the torker was twisted.

I think I had my crank only when I went to the BMX shop for spacers, I remember the guy asking for what kind of BMX it was!