torker seat....hopping..hand..where?

I have been fine on hopping with my torker seat on puny hops but when it comes to big hopping and jumping I don’t know where to put my hand (or hands) are there any torker experts out there who can help me? That would be super!!

-Jonathan Ware-

A Torker expert is a dead expert, or is highly into S&M.


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that’s good to know…I guess… WELL back to my question, is there an addition that I can make to my unicycle, or a “special” place to hold the saddle, this is getting very agrevating (is that spelled right?) PLEASE!!!

all’yall out

-Jonathan Ware-

>or a “special” place to hold the saddle<

The front end of a Miyata seat

While hopping on my Torker I find it easier to ride it “backward” meaning that the rear of the seat is facing foward. That way you get the full width of the rear part of the seat to grab ahold of. When you’re done hopping ,do a 180 uni spin (jump up off the pedals and spin the uni 180 degrees so the seat is facing foward, hopefully land on the pedals again) and continue riding.