Torker saddle == Miyata saddle?

Is the Torker saddle that looks like a Miyata pretty much the same thing?

Do the same handle and bumpers fit on them?

never had/experienced one but the Kh velo seat is the ultimate in luxury and comfirt,

‘want to travel first class at an affordable price?
travel kh’


Actually, I only know directly about the front handle; the rear bumper is probably the same.

Yes, the Torker Black saddle is essentially a Miyata. It has the Miyata style H-bracket rather than the standard 4-bold pillar. Also, the diameter of the seat post is different than the older torker saddles. Well, at least it is on the TX…

You can put a Miyata air pillow on a Torker seat, although I hear the big fluffy velo seats are pretty damn comfy

Re: Torker saddle == Miyata saddle?

Why? Did you break one?:wink:

I believe they are alike/identical in all respects accept color. Actually, I take part of that back. It seems that the parts are interchangeable. The newer Torker saddles have little plastic ‘gussets’ to reinforce the front handle. It makes them noticeable stiffer. I don’t actually have one so I don’t know how strong they are or how long they last.

If you are planning on getting the Kinport bumpers… I use one and I love it (front only). That thing is strong as heck.

On a side note, Torker also sells a KH/Velo saddle. This one actually says Velo on the bottom. I ordered one through my LBS. The total price was under 40. So far, I like it might better then the Miyata.


I broke some guy’s rear bumper (they make for a CRAPPY seat for a giraffe, it was just a simple failed mount, and the plastic guard shattered)

I just am looking to replace the rear bumper, is all

yeah, the new saddles make the giraffe somewhat difficult to mount, but my unistar TX has taken some hardcore falls (one in particular, I forgot I was taller than an overhanging roof. That’s an embarassing UPD) on both the front and back bumpers, and it’s still unbroken and uncracked.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for. The TX is a hundred times cheaper than the Miyata skycycle, and for the purpose, it’s a good buy.