Torker Saddle Broken?

Well, one of the acorn nuts on my torker’s seat (where the seat mounts on to the post) was loose. But, I noticed that the threaded thing that the nut goes on to was loose, so the nut does not tighten up enough and the seat is loose.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Has it happpened before? What kind of seat will fit on the post (if it comes to that…)

I haven’t seen the recent Torker seat, but if you can get underneath the cover, you can hold the head of the bolt while tightening the acorn nut.

I dont think so. Its held in a certain way, and it isnt sitting high enough. I dont think that holding on to the threaded part will work.

Is the threaded bolt spinning inside the seat base? Which torker seat do you have (cx, lx or dx)?

DX, yes the bolt is spinning, BUT even if it was not spinning, the nut is an acorn so the bolt would go to far down and hit the top of the nut. I would have to find a new nut…

hmm, how do I take one of these seats apart and put them back together?

yeah, mine did something like that. if you mean that the top of the acorn nut is hitting the end of the bolt before it is fully tightened. i took my leatherman and tightened that bad boy down until the top of the acorn nut busted out, then i dremeled that sharp edge off. DO NOT NEGLECT TO DREMEL SHARP EDGES, i learned a nasty lesson after my finger got caught on an edge and the uni slammed down. (if that isn’t what you mean, sorry.)

Just keep tightening it; the end of the acorn nut will pop off. See the finger-slicing thread (pull the end of the acorn nut off after it pops off, or it will slice your fingers).