Torker questions

Please allow me to give you a little background first before I ask the q’s! I’m a 45 year old guy who hasn’t ridden a unicycle since I was 13 years old. About a week ago I was at a bike store and saw several unicycles. I decided to buy a 24" Torker and on the way home I wondered how long it would take me to learn how to ride again. Well, after the third try I amazed the heck out of myself and rode like almost no time had passed at all. What fun! And of course, what a workout! Now I’m really hooked. I’ve been riding all around the neighborhood and have gotten a lot of interesting comments! Now here’s some questions for all the pro’s out there:

  1. The factory tire is rated to 40 p.s.i. but I’m riding with 50 in it. Even at 50, it’s still a little soft when I’m on it. I’m 6’1" and weigh 200 lbs. Can I get a tire rated at 60+ p.s.i.? If so, what is recommended? I would like a tire that I could also take off road into the dirt. Is a knobby tire the best? Should the tire be a little wider? If so, there’s not much room between the existing tire and the forks. Would a wider tire even fit?
  2. I feel that the seat that came with it is a little to narrow and hurts a certain part of my anatomy. Will a wider seat be more comfortable? And if so, what kind is best?
    That’s all the questions for now but I’m sure I’ll have more later. Thanks,

Does your Torker have this saddle?

If so, a larger saddle will definately be more comfortable for an adult. That Torker saddle is designed for young kids.

I don’t know how much you would be willing to spend on a saddle. They generally range from $20 to $50.
A couple of options

The new Kris Holm saddle is probably the best one.
The Viscount is a firm saddle that isn’t comfortable for long rides.
The Semcycle Deluxe saddle is softer than the Viscount and has a shape that some larger riders find more comfortable than other saddles.

Torkers are good little unicycles. John has given you excellent advice concerning unicycle saddles. As for the tire pressure, don’t go more than 50% over pressure, so 60psig should be OK for your tire. A unicycle tire has to support all of the weight of the rider. You will find that your tire wears rapidly at the two points that correspond to having your pedals horizontal. Rotating your tire every so often distributes the wear and adds life to your tire.

Torker frames are too tight at the top to put in anything that would be reasonable for lots of off-road use. Feel free to reduce the pressure in your stock tire to 40psig to try off-roading to see if you might like it. The 24" stock Torker wheel is a weak one that won’t like you to take big drops or be generally abusive to it. I am 6’2" and weigh 190 and I don’t hesitate taking a Torker or equivalent up and down curbs, up a flight of stairs, or down two stairs but anything more stressful than that is a bit much to ask of it.

Enjoy getting back into unicycling. Hang out in this forum and in no time we’ll have you buying all kinds of things you never knew you needed before.

I also recently purchased a Torker, but mine is the 20" Black one. It has massive clearance for a larger tire. If your 24 Torker is a chrome one, the design of the fork is different and has less clearance. I bought a 2.1 Kenda Rock&Roll tire for my 24" uni and it works well on or off-road. If your Torker has the saddle with the grab handle on the front, let me know if you decide to part with it, this is what came on my Stealth Torker and I love it!!!

I know you want to do some off road stuff on it, but just to let you know, someone who came along to our weekly unicycle ride yesterday had a slick tyre with 100psi in it (also rated to 100psi).


Thanks everyone!

Thanks to John, Kenny, Greg and Andrew for your advice on my Torker. You guys seem really knowledgeable and I appreciate you taking the time to point me in the right direction.
Thanks again.


Speaking from experience, I would be careful in over-pressurizing a tire on a stock steel rim. As Greg mentioned, most of us over-pressurize our tires for certain conditions which you can do on a Torker. But please ensure that the bead is set correctly. Otherwise, it’ll scare the fur off the pets when it blows.