Torker or Nimbus 29 Inch?

Any suggestions regarding which is better for a 29 inch uni; the Torker or the Nimbus? Or something else? Thanks.

The Nimbus has a much better seat and pedals, its wheel build will probably be more solid and it’s cranks are a more reasonable length for distance though it is more expensive and heavier than the Torker. I’d say unless you want to jump significantly in price for the KH, those are the two best stock unicycles for a 29er.

Definitely the torker, cause these things are almost indestructible and definitely value for money. Seeming as i might get one when my DX somehow snaps. :smiley: :smiley:

Other than the frame whats better about the Torker?

Well i’ve had my torker for nearly 2yrs now and after the beating i’ve given it. It’s still intact. All of it, the cranks, pedals, everything. I keep thinking if it was a self-healing unicycle which yearns for more damage. :astonished:

Which torker do you have? The DX? Of course its held up, its parts are almost all significantly better than the 29er. The torker 29er has cheap gripless pedals, a severely uncomfortable seat, cranks which are a bit too long if you plan to do distance road riding and from my experiences torker wheel builds have never been that great, the spokes are almost always loose. With the nimbus you get nice pinned pedals, a very comfortable gel saddle, proper length cranks and a nice solid Kovachi wheel build.

Yeah i have the DX and still think it’s the best uni (apart from my coker) i’ve ever gotten. :smiley: :smiley: As for the Torker 29er, it’s still early days and they will probably improve it come next year. I had a Nimbus X once. Didn’t like it as much as my DX so i sold it. :smiley:

Yikes! Looks about an even split between the two. But from your reviews I am leaning towards the Nimbus. Just got the Torker AX 24 and like it. So much better than the two I got nearly 40 years ago. May go for the Nimbus just for comparison sake.

The DX doesn’t suffer from any of the problems I listed apart from the wheelbuild as all the parts I mentioned are upgraded on it. You can’t recommend a lower end product on the basis that the upgraded version of it is good. As for improving much, I doubt it. The LX is basically the same exact unicycle as the AX apart from the frame and the seatpost diameter and it hasn’t changed in at least three years. I say Nimbus.

You can’t compare a Nimbus X to the Torker DX, they are built for entirely different purposes. I have both the Nimbus X longneck and the torker DX (as well as an LX) and they are both great unicycles but again it’s apples and oranges. If you are going to be doing trials on both then of course you are going to prefer the one built for it just as if you are doing freestyle you would rather be riding one built for freestyle.

I say get the nimbus. I have the old nimbus 29er and it’s a really good unicycle, never had any problems with it. Even the crank bolts never came loose the entire time I rode it, and on all of my cotterless unicycles crank bolts have come loose, including my coker.


go for the nimbus…EVERYBODY rides torkers.

If everyone wasn’t jumping off a bridge, would you?

I have the UK 2005 version of the Nimbus 29er, which I’ve since upgraded to be like the 2006 version, and then to be like the 2007 XC version.

It started off as a commuting uni, then got used for some fairly long rides, some offroad and finally became my XC machine. It’s a versatile package that I’ve been very happy with and was definitely worth the money.

The torker looks to have a better frame, but beyond that I’m not qualified to comment.


I am glad to have read this thread. I’ve been asking myself the same question. I’m still leaning towards the Nimbus. My main reason being the crank length

Have you ever ridden on a Miyata style seat for very long? It’s not pretty. That and the pedals on the Torker are terrible, I had the same pair on my LX and if they even got the slightest bit damp you would be saying goodbye to any sort of grip. With the prices as close as they are I can’t see why anyone would get the Torker over the Nimbus unless they were doing it for just the frame.