Torker Muni

A few members of my club are making a Torker muni out of a friends uni as kind of a Christmas gift. Your probably saying why torker, well that is all he has and i am not gonna blow a hundred or so bucks on him, based on the fact that i can harldy afford my own Muni. Anyways i want to get him some good pedals a goodtire and I am going to fix up his Miyata saddle with air pillow or something like that. What i want to know it what would you reccomend for a tire(going to be used in snow and ice but i am going to stud the tire for him) that is under2.3" width. A good pinned set of pedals(9/16 preferably wide and durable so he can learn pedal grabs) and what should i do with his miyata(airpillow?) and i want to keep this under $50 because we have to buy gifts for out family members too.
So just list the item, price, and where to get it. Hurry please because we need to start soon.



I like Torkers. I think they are the best value out there for a first unicycle. I also realize that you have budget constraints. For MUni, however, the Torker is unfortunately the worst possible frame you could choose. It’s just too narrow. Consider buying a United maincap bearing frame for $32. It has a round crown which is not good for learning one foot or other frame dependent skills. But it WILL take that big, fat tire you’re going to want and the Torker frame just won’t do it.

Buying a new frame really isnt in the cards because he just painted it and he likes to use i and doesnt want to put it in the closet from what he just told me.


I can only stud it if it is 2.0 0r possibly 2.1 and it has to be a small 2.3" because the 2.2" has almost no clearance. But any help will do.


Im just posting so itll be up top so people will answer:D


The only reason I’m posting this is to find out what Studding is. :smiley:

its metal spikes used to puncture ice for grip


And how is this done? I assume the tire can still hold air after right?

Of course I have no plans to do this seeing that ice is very hard to find in any large quantities in Hawaii.


The tube holds air, not the tire, so poking holes in the tire does not have any affect on its ability to hold air.

Studding tires:

Note: Pointy ends out!