Torker MUni

I’ve got a brand new Torker DX w/300mm seat post and 152 cranks. It’s an off terrain unicycle. I’ve been riding one for three years and mine has performed really well. It’s a bit on the heavy side, but it’s a good starter and very durable.

I’m asking $275 plus shipping from North Carolina in the USA. Willing to ship only in the US. It retails for over $300.

I don’t have a picture handy, but will post one soon.

UDC has the new ISIS Torker DX for $279 right now. If yours is the ISIS version then the price is probably a bit much, but not overboard considering that it would have to be only a couple of months old.

If your uni is the red/black non-ISIS version and it’s in great shape I would guess that the resale value would be quite a bit lower.


  1. It is unused.

  2. It is the old Torker version, not the one UDC is currently selling.

  3. The price is negotiable.

Does this uni have a 20" wheel?

24 inch

It’s 24