torker LX

i have finally decided to get a torker lx and to sell my trials so i have noticed people say the lx seat is uncomfortable is that for adults or kids? and would anyone like to buy my trials uni?:slight_smile:

ok so let me understand y are you down grading…do you wants 2 stop trials?

yes i now want to do freestyle and i need money

if you want to do freestyle dont buy a lx buy This

i was thinking about that but people say that the frame is not good for one footing

The LX is half as expensive as that, and the LX seat is fine for freestyle, you don’t want a big cushy seat for that.

You can learn a ton of freestyle on a trials uni.

do you think i should learn most freestyle tricks on my trials and then get a freestyle?

naw you need a freestlye…sell me your trials for $100…no im just kidding…yeah i would keep the trials and lear some freestyle on that first…then if you still want to then get a freestyle.

I’ve got a 20" LX and I find the seat great cause it’s not all squishy so you have better control when doing tricks. I find it really comfortable also for what it’s used for.

i know this is kinda stupid but i would like to buy a lx for aronud 60 dollars because thats all the cash i have on hand

oh yeah how much does the torker weigh

go to for a super cheap lx, it ways like 10 pounds i think

the frame on that is good for one footed??! seems fine to me :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure what you have a for a trials but if it’s decent (profile or KH) you can probably sell it and buy 3-4 LXes for the money you’d get. LXes are cheap and hardly worth selling a better uni to buy.

But then again, if you’re poor your poor… maybe save up for awhile?

when i bought my uni i did not know about splines so i bought a cottreless one

get the nimbus II instead. I have not ridden it but a lot of people seem to like it, and Nimbus seems to be better than torker from what i have heard.

You might want to think about how hard it’s going to be to sell a used cotterless trials uni…

Anyway, spend what your budget is. If you can only afford an LX do that. If you can afford the LX and keep your current uni, that’s probably best. If you sell your current uni and want something better buy the nimbus if you can afford it.

The best freestyler I know rides the heck out of his LX (no drops) and it’s doing great. He wore out the tire over the last year or so and that’s it.

i dont like the look of nimbus 2 so i think i’ll just try to find a used lx to buy

the LX frame is great for 1 footed/ gliding and coasting.