Torker LX

Would you buy a torker lx? Im doing street stuff and I’m still a beginner, i need a cheap unicycle thats just a step up from a begginer uni. I have a torker cx thats not so good.


I would get a DX or some other $200ish uni, but it would depend on the type of riding you like to do.

I’m happy with my NIMBUS.

i vote for the dx or something like it

the lx is more a freestyle uni

Re: Torker LX

Seeing as I’ve bought four of them, I’d say they are pretty good. Of course I did get them 65 five bucks a pop, and did manage to destroy one. If you can afford the DX, then get the DX, if you can’t, get the LX. I guess we don’t have to warn you about the CX.

65 bucks a pop?! where did you buy them?

That was a long time ago. It was back when they had rounded crowns. I also don’t think they were called the LX yet. If memory serves, they were called the HD. I actually preferred the rounder crown, as it was a much smaller profile. When I started to do one footed skills, I added foot mount thingies. They worked very well.


Maybe. But for the 1st timer wanting the test the hobby, Torker is the best.

I guess yuo are right

P.S. its still the devil

My 24" Torker DX has held up well through my learning and basic muni experience. Besides, for the price I don’t think there is anything better to start with. I have recently seen left over 2004 models for $139 on ebay.

I think that’s going a bit over board. But it’s your opinion, and you are entitled to it. Just tell us, what uni is better for the price? Also, please tell us what’s so wrong with Torker?

yeah, me personally have no problem with my torker. Its even a CX and its been holding up pretty well, and from what people say the CX is not so good.


As far as I’m concerned, the LX is just fine - but I’m just riding around on the street (it’s still cold outside here, I’m waiting 'til summer to learn some tricks). I just got mine this winter for ~$100 on eBay for christmas.

Go for the DX though, if you’ve got the extra dough.

Guess that’s kind’ve a repeat of what everyone else said :wink:

well the only reason i call them the devil is because they keep braking on me I have had two brake on me, they look nice and ride nice they just brake easily. But they do make nice giraffes

Well when you get a uni, ANY uni, for that price, and use it for trials stuff, it will “brake”. But for the price, torker is the best uni you can get. It’s not a problem with torkers, its a problem with using a low-end unicycle for stuff it wasn’t designed for.

really? everyone says the cx suck, which it does in someways but ive gone off some moderatly big drops, its holded up just fine.
so final decision- the lx is dependable and great deal for the price
what are your thoughts?

which one do you think is the better deal?


Both are good deals. Do you want a 24" or a 20"?

I want a 20" but its a rounded crown, will it make much diff. if I get a 24" with a flat crown?
what are the advantages/dis?