Torker LX

I am seriously considering getting a new Torker LX 20" with my X-mas money. Do you think it is worth spending all my X-mas money on, or should I save up for something better? Remember I’m desperate…I’ve got the dreaded (dare I say it?!?) CX!

-Tyler POW (Poopy Omniverous Wacko)


Lx are diffenently worth the money. But take notice the hub’s strength. Do not do a lot of drops or big gaps unless you are skillful in landing. My friend has jumped 5 sets and done seat out gaps to only a bent hub. So just beware. It’s awesome for freestyle, unispins and riding styles. Just watch the trails and street. They are great for grinding. Worth the money. In my opinion. laters
Shaun Johanneson

Dude go with the LX it is a really nice cheap freestyle unicycle i got it for christmas and it is really nice to ride, very smooth. It is really easy to ride to i learned to one foot idle in like 3 minutes higly recomend!!!

original POW

I’ve been beating my LX up for a few weeks. Seems to be taking it very well. I’m happy with it so far.

Torker LX

The torker lx is a very good buy, the plastic pedals kinda suck though. But if your learning, then they might be a good thing. I myself own a lex, and I love it. But if you have the money, I would gow ith a torker dx.

Tyler, you will love the Torker LX if you are curently riding a CX. The LX has a much lighter frame. You will of course do all your freestyle with it, but then you will discover the beauty of a light weight uni. You will start hopping off curbs, then stairs, until one day you find that perfect bus bench. Oh you will admire it’s flawless construction, think about it day and night. Eventually you will mount on it and hop off. It is then that your cranks will strip, your hub will bend. Ahh yes, the simplicity of the construction.

There is no way to avoid this problem, unless you never venture into the realm of urban assault. What you need to do if you buy a Torker LX 20" is conteniew to save your money. When everything goes wrong, buy the following:
Wheelset: Nimbus It shoud fit, but you should e-mail and ask them how wide of a tire the frame will accept.
Cranks:Again, Nimbus They are wonderful. Light weight, strong, durable.
Pedals: Odyssey by the time you need them, they should be in stock.

All of these improvements come to a grand total of $98.00. Yeah, pretty steep. About the cost of the unicycle itself. This problem could be eliminated by saving now and buying:THE NIMBUS

i should be able to do that with my new 24" LX right? i just bought it

So you mean I should get the Nimbus? If so, why does everybody else say not to…I’m confused… :roll_eyes:

Get the Nimbus, it seems to be better for the type of riding you are planning on doing.

Dude, Go with the Lx or the Dx, the lx is not only cheaper but better. I’ve takin my Lx off of countless drops, never bent the hub or anything, the frame is way better on the Lx, the only thing I have ever damages was my cranks cause I had Nimbus pedals on so they striped. The nimbus I bent the pedals on a double curb and they come loose within 50 ft. If you buy the Dx you wont have to worry about starting a new style of riding cause the dx can do about everything and drops with ease.

So, even though the LX is in the beginner section of that doesn’t mean it’s a piece of beginnerish crap?

Of course not, it just wouldn’t stand up to the abuse that an expert would put it up to.

Tyler, how good of a rider are you? and what kind of riding do you do?

I do mainly freestyle. I don’t know exacty how good I am (novice, intermediate, or expert), but I can give you a list of the tricks I can do:

  • One footed
  • One footed idling
  • Backwards
  • Seat in front
  • Stomach on seat
  • Hopping
  • Riding off tall curbs
  • Starting to wheelwalk
  • Tight figure eight
  • Spinning
  • Idling on a giraffe
  • Riding a giraffe

What ranking would you give me?

On riding in general, probably intermediate. On freestyle, novice.
As to the uni you should get, you are going to have to decide for yourself. Remember, if you wait and save up enough you can get something really good. Also, you should figure out exactly what you plan to do before you buy it. Since you have two working unicycles, it wouldn’t hurt to wait and make a really informed choice. I don’t see why you should be getting desperate. The CX is far from being a good unicycle, but it still works for a lot of stuff.

This is easy. Get the Torker LX. It is the best unicycle under $175 for basic freestyle riding.

The Torker LX is listed in both the beginners category and the Freestyle Advanced category at It’s in the beginners category because it is inexpensive (cheap). It’s in the Freestyle Advanced category because it’s a good freestyle unicycle. Don’t be put off thinking it’s a beginners unicycle. It’s a very good freestyle unicycle.

The Nimbus II freestyle unicycles have a better wheel, but the frame is not as good for freestyle skills. The Torker LX has a better frame for things like 1-foot riding, wheel walking, 1-foot wheel walking, gliding, etc. The crown is flatter and is closer to the tire.

IMHO, the next best freestyle unicycle above the Torker LX is the Semcycle Long Neck, but it comes with a cheap saddle that would need to be upgraded. Next above that would be one of the custom Semcycle Long Necks with an upgraded wheel, better seat, and other upgrades. But that brings the cost to around $300 (give or take $50 or so).

So you can see that the Torker LX is a really good deal. At least in my humble opinion.

The people saying the Torker LX will break and can’t handle freestyle are getting freestyle confused with trials and street riding. The Torker LX is a freestyle unicycle. You don’t jump off picnic tables with a freestyle unicycle. The Torker LX is plenty strong enough for freestyle. If/When you start breaking spokes you’ll know it is time to upgrade to a better wheel. At that time you can spend $90 or so on a custom built freestyle wheel with a stronger rim and stronger hub. In all likelihood the stock Torker LX will be plenty strong for you for years to come. You have to do some pretty serious freestyle skills to start breaking spokes (things that involve standing on the wheel while the unicycle is laying on the floor on its side).

If you get interested in trials or street riding it will be time to get a trials uni. Freestyle unicycles don’t make good trials unicycles and trials unicycles don’t make good freestyle unicycles. Use the right style unicycle for the type of riding you’re doing at the time.