Torker LX

I got a Torker LX about 8 weeks ago. However, I am not entirely aware of how much abuse it can take. Has anyone pushed their torker LX to the limit?

I have a torker lx also. I’ve only used it on a little light trail rideing. It is not ment for extreme use. If your looking into realy beating on it you may want to buy a second uni. There is no sense trashing one uni just to have to buy another. Might as well buy the second one now and have 2 working unis. You could also try rideing it as hard as you can and let me know how it holds up so I know what mine will stand up to.

I’ve already stripped the treads on the cranks . I’m not sure if it was due to hopping too much or bad assembly by me.

After I got it fixed, I went muniing with it and it held up fine, but there are is a lot of creaking and unsual sounds now. Is it something I should be worried about? :thinking:

Make sure the left crank is on the left side of the uni. If you stripped the threads already it may be because you had the seat on backwards. If the cranks are on the wrong sides of the uni the pedals will unscrew themselves as you ride.

There is a very good chance that the creaking you are hearing is the spokes. Machine built wheels are famous for low spoke tension. As long as you aren’t riding hard it will be an annoying sound, but it shouldn’t hurt the uni. To fix it you would re-tension the wheel.

The other likely possibility is that the cranks are loose. That produces a creaking noise when the pedals are pushed down. You might hear it only on one side, or both. The remedy will be to tighten the bolt that holds the crank to the spindle. This is serious. If you ignore this you will wear out your cranks in fairly short order, and they will need to be replaced. Not the end of the world, but it’s money that could have gone to your shiny new uni.

Low on the usual supspects list is the pedal bearings. If they are out of adjustment they can make a lot of different strange sounds. I have heard clicking, creaking, and squeaking noises come from pedals. To fix just pop the dust cap off the pedal, and use pedal adjustment wrenches to adjust the bearings. You might even get away with squirting a little tri-flow into your pedal and see if it fixes the problem.

thanks everyone

well, would the right side be from my point of view when I ride, or when I’m in front looking at it?

I haveone. I’ve it for about 5 months and it broke 4 times on me! the peddles stripped twice (and yes they were on the right way), the axle bent and the weld on the seat post just broke today! all of which was not even hard ridding! the hardest this I did was hop off a 4’ ledge (if it was even that high) which bent the axle! all the other stuff happend whe nI was just casualy ridding it. if I were you I would get a new one and never buy a torker unicycle again!

If you look on the crank (side closest to the wheel) It should say R or L

Im Thinking I about one 2 because my torker cx getting thrashed would u say it a good one for 13 year olds?

well… how big are you? cuz I’m 15 and and 175lbs and it wont stop breaking… so if your not that big then it might be fine

I’m 5’10", 130lb. and my torker holds ups right now. I do some bunny hops, rid off curbs, and some benches. Benches are only about 1 and a half feet tall. It already broke once and it might again.

When you get to that point in your riding, you should probably upgrade to an ISIS hub set-up. There’s no use in riding the life out of a uni that could be used by another person perfectly well as a learner. Since you will most likely end up buying a better uni, why not buy it sooner and save your first uni for someone else?

I was planning to a get a Nimbus ISIS trials uni for Christmas…

and giving my old uni to a friend…

but til my parents agree to get me a new uni…

I’m stuck with the torker, although I do try not to beat it too hard…

I’ve had some good experience with the LX. My learner was ridden not to hard, but I think I got to the point where I was doing 3 stair hops with it consistently or so when one day the crank stripped.

I passed it onto my friend who got a different pair of cranks and it held up amazingly well and he took it consistently off of 4 stairs and did pretty big drops on it. We actually had to try and break it to break it.

This being said, I wouldn’t take any chances and wait for it to break, I would get an ISIS unicycle when you decide you want to stick with unicycling and the option becomes available to get it.

however, budget and parents play a big role. If your parents think one cheap uni is good enough, it’s hard.

i have a new 2010 lx 20 and it is a blast. i do alot of hops such as loading docks stairs and ride backwards and 360"s and it is great. I cant wait to get something stronger but that takes time. I would recomend.:slight_smile: :roll_eyes:

What’s the name of the wrench to get access to the nut inside the crack to tie it down? Link is also appreciated

Just use a socket of the correct size, or even some spark plug sockets work. No need for a specialized tool.

On ISIS bolts you’ll need a large allen wrench, but that doesn’t sound like what you are talking about here.

Torker LX

I have a torker LX 20" and 24" and I bought them both. as my first Uni’s to learn on. I am not doing tricks of any kind but I have to say that they are well built , easy to assemble, the seatpost doesn’t come loose like on cheaper unis and I think they are a good value for the money. They are also packed well, and mine came undamaged. I found the cheapest place to get them was on Amazon.

I am 5’10" with long 34" inseam and I bought the 24" first and I have done most of my learning on it. I like it a lot. After a week of frustration in the beginning I ordered the 20" and I found that it didn’t help me in the early learning so I never used it. I still much prefer my 24".

With that said I am now learning freemounting and I find the trying to free mount the 24" is really hard, so I brought out the 20" and I find it more stable for learning this and easier on the crotch also.

Good quality Uni in my opinion. :smiley:

i have a LX it sux i have been through 4 cranks brocken 2 spokes snaped the pedals and bent the rim. in my oppinion they are a good uni for beginers but if you are really want a good trials or flatland uni go with an IMPACT or KH they arent the cheapest but they are good quality.

if you are reading this and are still thinking about buying a Lx think about it realy hard and then make a decision based on the advantages and the many many negatives of the torker LX.