Torker LX year/info?

Hey all,
I decided to attempt to learn to unicycle, and I’ve been looking around the forums for a while. I’ve been looking around for for a good deal and stumbled upon a Torker LX 24" on ebay and decided it’d (hopefully) be suitable for learning. Only problem is, I have no other information on it than that - hopefully someone more knowledgeable can help me out. Year? Parts? Anything? :slight_smile:

Good idea? Bad idea? Terrible idea? haha
I was also looking at a Koxx Alien Backflip since they’re so cheap recently - which isn’t entirely dismissed as an option.
I’m a little over 6ft, roughly 135lbs. If I manage to learn I’d like to do trials/street and a little bit of transportation.


The Torker shown is a good entry level brand that should be fine for an adult to learn on and to ride around. It will not be very durable if you start doing jumps with it, but for normal riding and freestyle tricks it is fine.

Upgrades I might suggest if you get enthusiastic about riding would be a better, more comfortable seat and pedals with a better grip. Neither of these improvements are essential.

Make sure the seat post is long enough to you to ride comfortably. With the center of your foot on the pedal your leg should be almost fully extended sitting in the seat. The seat post should have at least 2" still in the seat post frame. (That is the minimum safe connection that is recommended.) You can ride with the seat lower, but it is nice to be able to ride with your leg near full extension. If it is too short you can buy a new seat post for a few dollars. I would take the opportunity to get a new seat post and Nimbus seat at the same time.

Good luck learning to ride.


Sweet, thanks for the info Scott.

What about for a more durable frame etc? I’d like to be doing hops and drops as soon as I’m able; Do you think the K1 Alien Backflip would be a good choice?

Thanks again :sunglasses:

Since you want to do trials/steet, i would recommend the Koxx One Alien Backflip. And if you’re looking on ebay, there are many more Koxx One models available for some smokin’ deals.

Thanks trepper! That’s why I was asking about that frame specifically, they have the Koxx Ones on for cheap - the Alien Backflip is 195, the Devils are around 160, and the most expensive is the green spirit at 199. Much cheaper than their comparable counterparts (as far as I’ve researched anyway.)

I thought that was a pretty good deal anyway, do you have a K1? I think it might be one in your profile picture, but it is a bit small for me to see. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Torker is a good uni, but the Koxx one is much better. The ebay K1 deals seem to be the hottest thing going now. I think the track monster muni usually cost 150 $ more than the 200 ish they are asking now. Likely the deal won’t last long, if you can afford it, K1 is the way to go now. Way stronger, an extra level or 2 over an lx.

What would be the best frame?
Domina/Green Spirit/Alien Backflip?
Devil series?