Torker LX vs. Sun FT Delux

My 9 yr old son is learning to ride a unicycle. He has a 16" (long story) but is ready to go with a 20". I want this next cycle to last a while, and be flexible enough to have him start basic tricks and SMALL jumps when he’s ready. (Trying to be realistic about what he’ll do when I’m not around.) I’m leaning towards the Torker or Sun but need help! :thinking: Any suggestions/opinions on the two (or others) would be helpful. I’m not sure of the space between the frame (fork ?) on the two, but the Torker has a 20 x 1.75 tire. The Sun has a 20 x 2.25 tire. One concern I had (read somewhere) is that I don’t want his knees hitting the frame while riding. Without knowing what I’m talking about, I like the Sun, but I figure it must have a wider frame to handle the the wider tire. That concerns me about him possibly hitting his knees while cycling. On the other hand, I think the wider tire will give him more stability, and work slightly better if he is off pavement. Help and Thanks! :slight_smile: (From a proud dad!) No books, nobody to teach him. For every time he fell off, he just kept getting back on, until he stopped falling off! I guess a lot of you learned that way. I know I’m asking for help, but…like I said, I’m proud of him, envious that he can do it, (I’m "wise " enough not to try, but wish I could) …but in the back of my mind I THINK YOUR ALL NUTS FOR TRYING. Don’t you know that the Bumble Bee can’t fly, and man can’t ride a one-wheeled cycle!

torker definately. if he is learning as fast as you say he will want the flat top frame. its a very solid uni and will hold up until he decides what direction he wants to go in terms of unicycling.

both have the flat top, but wasn’t sure if one brand was better than the other. On a side note. I love the internet and these forums. Thanks for you assistance. With people willing to share knowledge, it helps newbies like me get up to speed, or at least try try to keep up with our kids. :smiley:

the torker has a thicker seat post, and the seat is better because it has a lift handle, so its easier to hop. you might also want to get him some platform petals, cause the torker ones in my opinion suck.

With those two unis, definetly go for the Torker.

You could go for this sun instead, it cost a little extra, but it is better than the LX.

I have ridden on all 3 of those unis, so I am not just babbling on.

The only problem with sun frames, is that is sticks out a little, but I never hit my legs on them.

I agree, the LX will hold up to a lot of abuse for it’s price. I have a 20" one, it was my second unicycle. I’ve done multiple 3-4ft drops on it, and I learned most of my freestyle skills on it. The only thing that has gone wrong with it is the cranks have become loose while riding - this is easily fixed by applying some Loc-Tite, though.

I’m also 6’5" and weigh about 180lbs - so your 9 year old son has nothing to worry about.

Also, the pedals are fine for beginners. I’ve never had any complaints. Though my new trials unicycle has metal-pinned pedals, which grip shoes much better than plastic ones, I almost find myself wanting to swap the plastic ones onto the trials unicycle - as the metal ones will RIP your SHINS APART.

:astonished: You Didn’t!

I’d go with the nicer sun. if not that then the torker LX.

I got my 9 year son a Torker LX. I’m not sure where you saw a 1.75 tire, but his came with a 2.10 semi knobby (copy of a holy roller if you know what that is) I just put a 2.25 Maxxis Max Daddy on it yesterday and it’s great. There’s still about 1/4" clearance, but it’s the fattest tire I could find in 20"

It’s held up good so far, he’s doing 18" drops on it now and no signs of failure.

I’m considering getting him something with a rounded crown on it though because being so small, he’s not going to be able to get his feet up on the flat crown anyway, and when he does the big drops, the flat sides of the crown are smacking his knees. I expect his teacher to turn us in for child abuse any day now from all the bruises. So while for bigger kids, the flat crowns are a good thing, when you have the seat as low as it can go, they’re pretty useless.

Thanks, bought him the Torker LX. Ordered on Monday from Cycle Sport and Fitness, got it today. It fits him, and he likes it. He’s out riding now. However your right. Had to cut seat post all the way down. Flat fork won’t do him much good for now. Hoping the cycle will last for a while though. Figure I can replace the seat post when he grows more (if its still in reasonalble condition). I must say, all in all, doesn’t seem like too expensive of a sport/hobby. Not like downhill skiing or other sports where you can spend a $1000 just to get started. :slight_smile:

yea, but then you start spending more on different unicycles, and then on better parts on and on:)

Yeah… my son also races BMX… I spent more on any one of a number of parts than I did on a complete unicycle :slight_smile:

i have the sun FT deluxe version 1, its a preety decent unicycle, y also was going for the torker but could not get it so the sun it was, i have had it for about 7 months and it has hold up really well i do fair drops, and jumps, and a few flat tricks, but the fork has a design problem, it is flat but the sides stick out in the way of your leg and sometimes you can hit preety hard, go for the torker!