Torker LX vs Club 20" beginners Uni's

Well, we now have the Torker LX, and the CLUB 20" uni’s.
This is our preliminary report. We are Amateurs, so take a little salt with our report!

My son went over the LX and found the seat bolts loose. He quickly turned them up tight. BUT He failed to pay attention to the fact that they are nylock nuts. And that the other end to the bolt was supposed to be embedded in something to hold it. He said that “The grinder effect messed it up”. That is, he ground off whatever it is on the other side, that was supposed to hold the end of the bolt. Also, this seat has a stapled on seat cover, and it is not an easy chore to get to the other side. Without removing the seat cover.
My recommendation would be to get another bolt, and break in the nylock nuts a few times FIRST, and then get vise grips, and PULL the nut, and bolt together to seat the bolt head, before tightening them. Over all, the kids like the LX a little better than the CLUB, because it seems slightly narrower. The LX is Made in China.

On the CLUB, the folks we ordered it from, had already cut the seat post down, for small riders. And, it came with a nice bumper sticker, “UNICYCLE.COM”, and some advertisement for a UNI get together in Alabama, and New York. The paper work and documentation, was a little better. Also, The CLUB seems slightly wider, at the pedals. The CLUB is Made in Taiwan.

We are real amateurs, and we will add a little more to our report, as we get more mature in this sport. As of now, we have 4 riders. And, they really love the sport. Thanks to everybody that had helpful suggestions, and comments.

This forum is a real asset to beginners.

We will try to share our experiences too, so that we can help others. As of now, we have bought 3 new unis. A cheap Chinese one, for 45 buks, and it has flat spots on the tires, but is holding up so far. It is an 18" one. I am glad that you welcomed me to this forum, and all the valuable resources of the knowledge pool of contributors.

Thanks everybody.


OK, my hard rider, 13 yr old boy, who is now doing lots of hops, and jumps, etc says he likes the CLUB better, than the LX because the club is stiffer, and does not have that “Wing” of metal, at the top of the forks, like the LX has. He says that during tight turns, he hits his legs on that wing. The CLUB has nothing protruding, at that junction in the frame.

And, he has a NIMBUS MUNI on the way. He really is looking forward to that!


If he hits his legs on the frame of an LX he’ll probably hit 'em on the frame of a nimbus muni. He’ll learn not to hit his legs though with practice. If it’s a real problem make sure the seat height is right, that could affect hitting his legs on the crown. I acually find the frame of an LX is quite nice because the crown sticks out and I can put my feet on it for tricks.

Speaking from experience, I can say that those saddle bolts break really really easy. :o I just ignored the fact that it was missing one out of four seatpost bolts and it’s still in one piece other than that.

Truth be told, he has been riding in the house, and doing a quite nice job of it. He does not hurt anything, but it is spooky to watch. Doing 180° turns, and stuff. Maybe the 24" wheel will slow down his turns a little. Thanks for the remind to TIGHTEN all bolts.