Torker LX Tire Options

I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the larger tires that people have gotten to fit onto an LX since threads on the subject seem to be scattered. I bought a 26 x 2.35 Kenda Nevegal today that has about 3-4mm of clearance from the top of the frame.



I’ve seen a pic w/ a 2.6" Kenda Kinetics on the 24, it just barely fit. Because of frame tolerances, it may not fit on all LX’s.

The frame is plenty wide for at least a 2.6, however, the frame is not tall enough for a lot of tires. Some of us have gained about a quarter inch by hammering in the underside of the crown.

Woah, that’s cool. I’ll have to think of a setup like that if I ever want a 26" XC setup.

I tried a Resolution 26x2.10 and wasn’t very happy with it. The tread sang a little bit each revolution as it rubbed the crown.

This is w/ the 26" LX frame, right?

Your rim may need to be trued. It could be that the tire isn’t perfectly round or isn’t mounted exactly even on the rim.

Do you have a photo? By the pic of the LX on UDC, I’d think there’d be plenty of space for a 2.1" on the 26.

Yeah… Any lx I’ve seen should fit most 2.3’s. Higher rounded profile tires may require slight “modification” to the crown. I hammered it out for another 1/4 inch or so of clearance. I ran tioga 2.3 downhill comp tires and 2.35 maxxis swamp things (for mud)w/ out a problem.