Okay first post ever yay! well heres the deal. I have a torker lx and there is something wrong with the seat. It is NOT the seat post but the actual seat itself . I dont know how to fix it as it seems like it is not supposed to be loose in the first place. Here is a poorly drawn picture for you!

Yea so please someone reply as soon as possible. I havent tried anything yet. Its very loose and can turn on its own =0

try tightening the bolts that connect the seat post to the seat.

i dont have the right tools… ugggh thanks for the quick reply. I guess i’ll have to ask my neighbor tomorrow

darn… well sorry i dont know what to tell you
try to avoid riding on it for a while so you dont lose the nuts or mess up the bolts.

ok so i just found the right tools but tightening it does not seem to help. Just an FYI its where the seat connects to the post not the actual seat post. what should i do!?!?!?!!?
should i take a video for u guys?

Yes, that drawing was decrepid.

Maybe if you would post a short video so we could know what exactly you’re talking about better. Is it so bad you can’t ride it?

i think its so bad that he cant even hold his hand still while making a paint drawing.