Torker LX Seat Post


Way back when, I cut off the seat post on a Torker LX, so that my young son could fit on the unicycle and learn to ride. He was a whiz! Well, son’s grow up, and that seat post isn’t nearly long enough for him to use now.

I need a new Torker seat post. The Torker seat post connection plates do not use the common Schwinn style 4-bolt pattern, they are more of an H shape. I can’t find them anywhere on the Internet. Serious Juggling shows a Torker LX seat with post, but I tried to order it, and they said that it is not actually available (apparently Torker was purchased, and the parts are no longer available? I don’t know).

I need a new Torker seat post! Any ideas? Help this young man come back to unicycling! - Thanks!

You could buy a post and saddle. Torker saddles are generally rather horrible anyway, particular that on the CX.

I have heard them described as an “upholstered brick”.

Yes, but this is an LX and (admittedly brief) riding on one of those saddles left a fairly decent impression.

Ironically, CX saddles do use a standard bolt pattern, though with inch rather than metric studs, so for a CX, a UDC club post is a solution… but this is an LX.

Is this what you need?

Miyata seat post at UDC UK

As stated above the LX uses a Miyata bolt pattern, the only uni left from an American company that does.

could you order a post and seat?