Torker LX seat fix

After several recent rides, I came to realize that the handle on my Torker LX seat was nearing the end of it’s life. I began to notice a large amount of flex in the seat that hadn’t been there before, and on further inspection I noticed a very large crack on the inside of the handle. I know that handles aren’t expensive, but because I’m so cheap I decided to try and fix it myself. To do this, I simply found a 10-32 screw laying around the garage and drilled a hole through the seat and handle to accommodate it. A quick tightening, and it’s done.

I’ll have to see how it holds up over the next few weeks, but the handle felt much sturdier when I rode around this evening. Just thought I’d post this if anyone ever has a similar problem.

I did something similar to my kinport a while ago except I put the bolts through to prevent it from cracking but it turned out I tightened them too much so it cracked anyway.

This has bee done many times before on miyata seats.
I googled Yoopers fix, and this was the first result:
It also shows other fixes for them seats.