Torker LX saddle

I’m about to get the Torker LX. first of all, how good is it for street performance? next is how is the seat, it look really wide and uncomfortable. Should I buy a new saddle right now?

I like my LX saddle. I find the handle is much more comfortable than the kh…(not as strong though)
It has just enough padding to keep you comfortable but not too much that it’s bulky.
I’ve got a kh clone, a kh fusion air, and a torker lx. I like the torker lx for playing around and doing tricks but I would rather one of the others for riding for any amount of time.

I have one of the new KH saddles and I like it alot more than the LX saddle. the handle on the LX makes my hand cramp too and it is very not suitable for distance riding. If you are going to be riding more than 1/2 hour a day than you should probably get a KH saddle. other than the saddle the LX seems great.


Only thing i dont like about the lx is the handle, everything else is fine, i dont find it hard to pull out for SIF or SIB, ive ridden on the seat for a few hours without any sorness, then when i do get a little sore, i readjust a little and im good, lx is a great seat IMO, except for the handle;)

The LX saddle is good because it’s basically a myata, meaning you can use the gb4 stiffener plate with it and air seat it. It’s also just fine for freestyle, but pretty week for anything else. I think a KH is too bulky for anything but riding distance.