Torker LX saddle and my legs.

On these forums I’ve often read of people’s sore butts from their uni saddles although I’m having a bit of a different problem, my inner thighs, where my legs hold onto the seat are consistantly becoming bruised. The Torker LX saddle seems to have no padding whatsoever on the sides of the seat, only on top… would the airseat conversion be effective in solving this or is that merely for padding on top of the seat? Would anyone happen to know if there is enough room in the stock saddle cover to fit the air tube?

I’ve also searched the forums on using a KH seat on the torker LX. It seems as though the posts are not compatible, what would it take to get a KH seat on the LX? By the way, I’m loving the uni so far, it’s my first. After about a week of practice im able to ride around fairly effortlessly with decent control (and discouraging pain). Thank you for the time!

seats normally dont come with any padding on the sides of the seat. but since you new dont worry becuase your legs will get used to it… so give it about a week or so and if the problem isnt fixed then go buy some nice bikes shorts and that fix the problem


I realized most saddles dont come with substantial padding on the sides but I wasnt aware that on most saddles the sides had no padding, I would have figured some sort of cushion would be there rather than just the cover over the plastic. I sure hope I get used to it, I gave myself a two day break from riding and my legs are still tender. I’m eager to get back on.

My KH Fusion definitely has more padding on the sides than my old Miyata seats. I don’t have any real recent ones, and don’t know if the Torker LX is any different.

We used to get chafed sometimes with the Miyata seats. First thing you need is a pair of bike shorts, any kind will do. If you’re wearing cutoff jean shorts or similar (like we used to in the early 80s), you’re going to be hurting. A good pair of shorts will help a lot!

Part of the problem is seat width. If you add padding you make it even wider, which is not necessarily a solution. One of the things I used to do was to file down the bottom edge of the seat base, which would tend to have a rather sharp mold line there. Because it’s a molded part, the sides are not vertical, but actually angle outward as they go down.

Also, some people tend to squeeze the saddle too much. If you are a new rider or learning new tricks, you may be doing this. Try to tell your legs to stop trying to grip the seat. Hold onto the handle if you aren’t and it might make it easier for your legs to listen to you.

You should be able to order a KH or different seat with an appropriate post to fit your frame. It might take a phone call though, to make sure you get the right one.

I think I may be attempting to hold onto the seat too much with my legs especially when trying to turn. Could this also be a function of seat height? I had my seat at the recommended leg-slightly-bent-when-down height. Do you think I would benefit from lowering the seat?

Just so you know in the future, should the bike shorts and ‘give it time’ methods fail you, you’ll be needing another seatpost and some seatpost shims to install a KH seat on a Torker. The bolt pattern is the same as the Miyata seat, whereas the kh shares a bolt pattern with the Semcycle, Viscount, and a bunch of other ones. from what I know, it’s the more popular one.

Torker also has a wider seatpost diameter however, so if you buy a new seatpost to make up for the bolt pattern difference, you’ll need some metal shims to make up for it. I’ve never used them myself, but from posts here they seem to work pretty well. I believe they’re cheap too.

Good luck, and remember that’s an end of the line solution I would think. Time worked for me :smiley: