Torker LX Pro Tall

Does anyone have any pictures of the new “tall” version of the Torker LX? UDC has the LX Pro and LX Pro Tall listed at $175 but, it’s the same stock picture of the regular LX.

A review would be great, too. A brand new longneck freestyle with ISIS cranks for only $175 seems like an awesome deal.

The uni in question;


Well, I feel stupid.

A quick GIS got me this;

Still, a review from someone who owns or has ridden one would be nice.


PPUT has been working with Torker on redesigning their uni line so some improvements have been made versus the previous model, although subtle. The crown has plenty of foot space for riding one footed or doing stand up, but in the process the crown sticks out a little far from the frame for some people. This can result in the rider hitting the crown when pedalling. It’s not an issue for everyone so your mileage may vary. We’ve talked to them about this so that may get corrected in the future.

The long neck frame was one of our high priority suggestions and that is a big improvement.

It’s a nice, solid, tough freestyle machine. Several of the PPUT higher-level riders (and lower-level riders) ride an LX and love them. I rode the prototype and was really impressed but haven’t ridden the production model.

I’ve ridden the production model and the prototype. I was very impressed with it other than the fact that the crown sticks out way too far from the legs of the uni and it has sharp corners which do not make for happy knees when doing tricks like seat on side or any other trick where you might hit your leg on a normal unicycle. The tire is really nice, it rides smooth and feels good for wheel walk tricks. Overall it’s a great freestyle unicycle for a great price but it’s got a killer crown.

Nothing a couple of minutes with a grinder can’t take care of. :wink:


My thoughts exactly! If you do go through with the purchase of this unicycle and grind off those edges post up the results on here. I’m curious and broke so I can’t afford to tinker with it, I’d love to see the end result.

My only concern is if the crown is hollow, might leave some nasty edges if you grind off the end covers.

Yeah, I was concerned about that too. Hell, I’m a huge guy and not very advanced with my freestyle skills. I’m not too worried about hitting my knees. I’ve been riding for nearly two years now and have ridden many different sized/styles of unicycle and have never had a problem with leg clearance. I’m 6’5", though so, I can just bow out my legs a bit and go around. I’d probably just leave it as is if I got it, which I probably will, eventually.

The most modification I’d probably do to it would be to replace the cranks with some smaller ones(probably some Ventures or Qu-Ax 114s) and some new pedals. Maybe re-pad the saddle, depending on it’s comfort level. It looks pretty unforgiving.


I was getting ready to chime in and say that you should consider getting a Nimbus X, but I just looked at the LX specs. Man, Torker has really beefed that model up over the last few years! If I were in the market for a new freestyle uni, I would probably buy that one right now.

If it weren’t for the corners of the crown I would do the same thing. I really dislike that the nimbus X is all round tubing. It hurts my feet for stand-up tricks, the LX Pro’s crown is much nicer to my feet.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but, I ended up ordering one of these(red) and just got it in today. So far, it’s awesome! Actually much better quality than I expected, for a Torker. My preliminary review;

The saddle is a great improvement from the old LX saddle. The Tioga Powerblock tire is huge and very smooth. Being a heavier guy, I like the 48 spoke wheel and Isis crank/hub system. I have yet to ding my knee or shin on the crown but, foot on crown tricks are far easier with the low, flat crown. It came with a pretty cheap little stand that I could really do without. It also came with a little bottle of touch-up paint to cover scratches. The pedals are just basic wellgo plastics. I really like the black and dark red color scheme.

Once I’ve had it a few weeks and have a chance to put it through it’s paces, I’ll throw up another, more detailed review.