Torker LX Pro Tall w/upgrades

I’m selling my freestyle unicycle. I’m just more into street/trials/muni and almost never use the freestyle except for simple performance stuff. It’s only a few months old and in great condition with a couple of upgrades. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, I just never ride it and could use the cash.

Here are the specs;
Torker LX Pro Tall(Burgundy)
48 spoke, ISIS wheelset
125mm cranks

Odyssey Twisted PC Chameleon Pedals. Red(more pink than red)
Qu-Ax Gusseted aluminum seatpost, uncut 400mm(Brand New).

Stock Photo. I’ll see about getting a couple real photos up later.

Mine is the one on the right. The longneck frame.

I payed $180 a few months ago and then put another $30 into it with the seatpost and pedals. Everything is in near perfect condition. Looking for $165 shipped.

Sorry, probably should have said something in the original post but, shipping to the continental US(lower 48)only, please. Paypal is preferred.

Price Drop. $150 Shipped.

Just found out that I’m moving to Alaska(Anchorage) in about a month so, I need to lighten my load before I go. Unfortunately, this is the only unicycle related thing I’m selling. I’ll try to get some pics up later today.

Unicycle measures 34" from the top of the saddle to the pedal, in it’s lowest position. That’s with the Qu-Ax seatpost. If you need it lower than that, I’ll put the original seatpost back on it. That should drop it 4 inches, or so. I’ll also knock it down to $135 shipped, with the original seatpost. $130 shipped with the original seatpost and pedals.

Here are some pics. Sorry for the quality. My camcorder takes poor stills.


$125 shipped with the original pedals and seatpost. Don’t let the Torker name fool you. This is a great unicycle. 48 spoke wheel, ISIS hub and cranks, longneck frame, slim saddle(much more comfortable than previous Torker saddles), flat-top crown. This would make a very good beginner, intermediate or, even advanced unicycle.

I’ve even got the original box it came in, along with the stand for it and a little bottle of touch-up paint for it. It’s only a few months old and the reason I’m selling it is because I never ride it.

Original seatpost has some scratches in the paint from being adjusted. Original pedals are Welgo plastics.

Minimum inseam 30"(crotch to floor, WITH shoes on).


Sorry, my bad. I can’t seem to find the original box. Dealbreaker, I know. :slight_smile:

Offer Sent

I sent you an offer via Yahoo Messenger. I’m not sure if it went through since I don’t normally use that. If not, you can email me at …John

Message sent.

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