torker lx pedal threads?

okay so i am getting an lx but plan on getting some nice metal pedals and need to know the thread length so my pedals can get here with my lx could someone that has one please tell me the size of them?
are these good pedals for freestyle? if not what are some that are easy to make grind plates out of?
thanks to anyone who responds

These wud be far more appropriate, metal pedals are a no-no for freestyle genreally. As far as i know all pedals have exactly the same fittment, except there are two axle sizes (1/2" and 9/16") Everything i’ve seen uses 9/16", including my torker giraffe, which probably has the same cranks as the LX, i’d feel pretty safe in telling you to get this size. As grinding isn;t a freestyle trick no freestyle pedals are suitable or can be fitted with grind plates, if you want to grind a set of Gusset Full Throtle pedals will se you right, but they’d be useless for freestyle as they are too grippy, too heavy and too painful…

Pretty much everything today is 9/16". You used to see lots of 1/2" on all the old Schwinns, but that stopped in 1983. Unless specified otherwise, assume any pedals you are shopping for are 9/16".

Agree, metal pedals not recommended for Freestyle. There are going to be times when those pedals whack your shins real good! There’s a huge difference between metal teeth and plastic ones. Also, if you’re ever allowed indoors, plastic pedals will be much more floor-friendly (at our conventions, metal pedals are never allowed in the gym).