Torker LX or Avenir Mountain -- Help!!!

I am currently looking at buying my second unicycle. I learned on a torker cx but it was unfortunately stolen and I’m looking for a replacement/upgrade. My funds are very limited and I can’t spend more than 140.

I’m of beginner-intermediate level.

I’m looking to learn tricks and work on my hopping, but it’s also very important that I can ride it on the street for transportation.

I would like to be able to ride it around campus which is why I was thinking the Avenir muni might be a good choice with it’s thick tire that can go over rocks and stuff. However I don’t have a lot of experience with mountain unicycles.

The LX seems like a step up from the CX but I’m worried the wheel will be too thin if I am going to be using it on the street. Would I be able to switch to a bigger tire if I felt it was necessary?

I would greatly appreciate any input!

I haven’t tried an avenir, but the LX is probably higher quality.

I don’t think that you would be able to put a tire much wider than stock on the LX, but the LX tire nearly if not twice as wide as the CX.

The saddle on the LX has a front handle, while all the pictures of the avenir I’ve seen do not have this handle. If you learn to hop you are going to want a front handle.

Off road wise, the LX can handle rocks and stuff, I learned to hop up stairs on mine. My brother rides his LX off road and it is strong enough for that.

A friend of mine is currently learning on a Torker LX. I have ridden it, and I have been impressed with the quality, considering how inexpensive it was. His is a 20", but if you plan on using it for a variety of riding styles, I think you would find a 24" more versatile. I don’t think you need to worry about breaking it.

Ive ridden both the Torker 20" CX and the Torker 24" LX. Suprisingly good quality for the price. Only complaint is the seat. However, I still greatly recommend it. No idea about the build quality of Avenir but you cant go wrong with Torker.

Get the torker. I have the lx and it works great. Ive jumped off picnic tables with mine and haven’t broken a thing. Its very strong and well built. I have a 2.35 inch wide tire on mine and it still has some frame clearance. (the original tire is a 2.125). The seat is uncomfortable, but if you look on this forum there is an airseat conversion that is very inexpensive to do. I did the seat conversion and it is 10x better.

Where in Minnesota are you located? If you’re located near the Twin Cities you could order something from Compulsion Cycles (that’s our very own unicycle shop in St. Paul) and avoid the shipping cost!

I’ve done that too and I never broke a thing on mine.

If you are planning on doing any type of hopping, dropping or tricks, then I do NOT recommend the Avenir brand.