Torker Lx Hub replacement

Are there any hub replacements for the 2008 torker lx? ide like it to be ISIS if thats at all possible…

i’m sorry if this doesnt help, but just buy a new uni. Unless your doing freestyle and all on it.

I would say just buy like a torker DX 20’’. DX’s have splined hubs (ISIS)

ya get a new uni Nimbus is a good brand
but if you really want a new hub Voila I’m not quite sure what will fit on an lx

I am prety sure the LX has the standard 100mm beraing spacing and therefore most cotterless hubs would work. I would sugest getting a UDC “wide” CroMo hub.

Torker DX hubs are splined but NOT ISIS. ISIS is a specific standardized tapered spline interface. Torker uses a square cut 10 spline interface. If you want a splined hub and are happy with skinny flanges and a choice of either 150 or 125mm cranks a DX hub would work, but it would not be compatible with ISIS cranks.

At the moment there is no ISIS hubs that have 40mm bearings. KH is developing some 40mm bearings for ISIS hubs but they are not available yet.

alright…thats what i was thinking i would have to do…thanks for the replies…

I destroyed a LX hub one time too. I realized it was not worth the money to put into the hub just to break some other portion of the frame. I got a DX and have been loving it ever since.