Torker LX Handle

I was at school earlier today doing trials stuff on my torker 24 LX and was doing a crankgrab onto a ledge, pulling pretty hard on my seat handle. A little after that I noticed that my handle was alot looser. I looked at the base of the seat and saw that the handle was cracked pretty bad near the base. The crack runs along the inside of the underside of the seat and goes half way across. I think I have been pulling too much on the handle when going up stairs and the pulling on that jump finally caused it to crack. Its still usable and I just put some superglue in the crack.

Has anyone had this problem? Is superglue going to hold under all that pulling?

P.S. I’m thinking about reinforcing it with some screws washers and nuts like what andrew carter talks about on his site. Does this work well?

Yeah, they’re total junk. I broke mine in an hour. Either spend $20 on a kinport handle and another $2 on a reinforcement plate for the handle or do the yoopers fix. You can see it here. It distributes the pressure onto the sides of the handle which is the strongest part.

It may be too late though since yours is already dead.

well like I have said before torker needs some help in their product building

p.s why do peopple keep buying them

Torker’s are pretty good uni’s, and the Handle on the LX is ok. and even buying a kinport(even with re inforcement plates) wont completly fix the issue, just look wgat happened to me:


Looks to me like you need to improve dropping technique. Land your weight on your feet and pedals, not on your seat or handle.

The easy answer is that they make quality unicycles for a very reasonable price. There are several things to keep in mind. The Torker LX is NOT made for trials. The Torker LX saddle is almost identical to the Miyata saddle. The Torker is IMPROVED over the Miyata (or at least late model Miyatas).

People keep buying Torkers because they are quality unicycles for very little money. Just don’t think they are indestructible.