Torker LX for trials

ok i got a torker lx for christmas and some guys at my club said it not meant for hopping up stairs or dropping down like 3ft+ so i wanted to know if that is true and also if it is i was gonna get a kh 07 but id also like to know about some other good ones

it depends how much you weigh

ive taken mine down like a 5 foot drop and its fine but its bad for hopping up stuff

i weigh like 135

the LX isn’t designed for trials, repeated abuse will ensure it breaks, probably at the hub or cranks. Your low weight will make this less of a problem, but if you keep doing trials on it it’s going to go sometime.

Ok tunkie. My friend andy had a torker lx for like 8 months but he sucked pretty much six of those months because he never learned anything new. But when he taught me to ride and started riding harder his axle started twisting and his cranks bent a little. He had a 20" like you. I had a 24" and After about 3 1/2 months it was pretty much dead. The axle is way bent and when I ride it sif my whole body goes up and down ever revolution. And the cranks bent so bad that It is hard to stay on the pedals when hopping. And then one day I was jumping down a four stair sideways and when I landed the wheel bent pretty bad. And then the wheel go worse from there. Well I hope I helped.


Oh yeah and get a DX. Even if you have enough for the kh get the DX. Then you can get pro on the DX and get an ever newer kh and be even more pro. And If you get the DX you will have more money left over to a muni.