Torker LX/CX compatibility

I’ve been trying to learn on a 24" LX. I’ve been pondering getting a
20" LX or even CX for a while now, but i can’t justify that expense to
my wife right now, it being winter and me practicing less and all.
She would be ok with me getting a 20" CX wheelset:

half the cost of the full deal. Any reason i couldn’t toss that in my
LX frame, raise the seat a bit and learn ? i know it’s probably a
stupid thing to do, but i really just want to try a 20" asap and this
is the least expensive option i can see out there… yeah i know i’m
green and this is a basic uni anatomy question but i have no
experience to tell me what pieces of uni anatomy are standard and what
change from brand to brand and model to model. i mean i know the seat
posts are different, the bearings are the same, etc, but that’s what
they DO tell you. i’ve no way of knowing the the things they (nor 3
hrs googling) don’t tell me.

thanks in advance.

From the UDC description I think it should work fine. “Original replacement wheel for Torker unicycles”. If you call UDC they will tell you if it will fit, but my understanding is that the LX and CX both have the same hub spacing and both use 40mm bearings.

If you don’t mind scavenging a 20" tire, tube, and rimstrip you could use your existing cranks
and save a bit more money. Plus, you wouldn’t have to change your seat height.

Re: Torker LX/CX compatibility

> this and save a bit more money. Plus, you wouldn’t have to change
> your seat height.

oh jeeze you’re right. god almighty see what happens when i try to
sound smart ? my logic was… i’m lower to the ground on the uni,
but still the same height in real life… therefore i must
compensate. riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. yeah… im a total n00b. buys

I think that my 24" LX is a lot better than my 20" CX.

Re: Torker LX/CX compatibility

On Dec 6, 9:03 am, hungry4uni
<> wrote:
> I think that my 24" LX is a lot better than my 20" CX.

that’s exactly why my first uni was a 24" LX… general consensus
seemed that an LX is a good starter… and that a 24" is good for a
taller individual such as myself. but i’m still learning. i’ve yet
to go 1 rev on my 24. been trying for several months. i’m not going
to give up though, and i’d like to continue to try and learn on a
20" besides, if lx>cx, it stands to reason that (lx+cx)/2 > cx. i’m
clearly not doing tricks so any weakness imparted by the cx wheel (36
vs 48 spoke) is negligible, AND i get the nice comfy LX seat i’m used
to. if i could buy an lx-specific wheelset i’d have done so !

and hell, i coulda bought a 16" ! nah… if i don’t make any progress
on the 20 i’m gonna make a pedalo or gogocycle and go from there. i’m
just so damn… non… balancey…