Torker LX Cranks

I got a new Torker LX about two weeks ago and I have already bent the cranks doing 360 unispins. Should I have expected this? Has anyone else bent the cranks that easily?

Also, do you think I need a different uni, or can I just upgrade the cranks?
What Uni or cranks would be best, for not too much money?

To answer, “Should I have expected this?”

Yes, If you read the reviews on the product at or in numerous threads on this very board, they all explain the cranks are weak, and the seat is uncomfortable. The ones on explain more than once that it is a NEWBIE unicycle and WAS NOT meant for difficult tricks.
As far as replacing, i’m still new and not much help there.
Good luck though.
As far as everythis else on the cycle, how do you like it?

Thanks, I had been considering getting a sun or torker, and I had looked through many threads on the torker and sun. I thought I’d better get the Torker, cause that was the better of the two, and I didn’t realize neither would hold up to 360 unispins.

Other than problems with the cranks, and the very uncomfortable seat, I like it. I am going to mod the seat to an air seat, and I hope I can just upgrade the cranks and have a pretty good uni that won’t break.

So I’d like to know if this uni will work for me if I get better cranks.

I couldn’t tell ya.
For advanced tricks the Torker DX would have been the best way to go. Next time you have money laying around. Good luck!

Right now the cheapest decent crank you could put on your LX is the Nimbus Venure square taper. They are $40 on UDC US, and they have gotten favorable reviews in the ISIS version. I can only assume that the square taper version is also very good; although, not as strong an interface as the ISIS splines.