Torker LX and LX Pro?

Hey guys, super newbie here. I know nothing about unicycles and want to purchase one to learn on. I’m wondering what the difference is between the Torker LX and LX pro. I see that the LX Pro has ISIS cranks (not sure what that means), better tire, and maybe a better seat. Is it worth the extra $37 on ebay? If not I’ll be getting the 24" LX for about $120 unless you guys know of anything better.

BTW I’m 5’9", 150lb, and I plan to get into muni, if that makes any difference. Probably won’t be doing any crazy tricks.

Im fairly new at six months riding. I have both and am considering my sixth uni. I say spend a few extra bucks for something you will be more pleased with. The pro has nobby pedals a smoother tread stronger cranks and white tire lettering for only a little more

Mine is currently in the shop for a stripped out pedal hole after about 3 months use. Grated I weigh 90-100 pounds more than you but if you try new things and slam the ground alot the few extra bucks might hold you a little longer.

Hey BrickMan, thanks for the reply. I guess the most important part of the unicycle for me right now is the seat, I don’t see myself breaking things anytime soon with my weight and no tricks. How do the seats compare on the unicycles?

Is the pro only in 20"? Are you planning on getting 20 or 24"? Looks like the pro has the slicker tire, so the normal LX might be better when you decide to ride off the road a bit.

Quick question regarding the LX Pro. Is there improvements in the 2012 model over the 2010 model? Both the descriptions are the same, and I see both around for the same price. Normally I’d just go with the newer model considering the price is the same, but I really dig the grey color. Seems like 2012 is only in the merlot. I’d go for merlot if the 2012s had improvements over the 2010.

I just ordered a regular LX off ebay for $115. I ended up choosing the LX over the pro for three reasons: more nubby tire, 24" tire, and price ($115 vs $150). If I do end up getting into unicycling I’ll be upgrading anyways, so right now cheaper may be better. Thanks for the help!

Judging by the pictures they look exactly the same. All the components are the same.

That’s what I looked like to me as well, wanted to see if anyone had any experience with them. I have seen a few posts on here of manufacture defects with the 2010. Was thinking maybe they fixed some of those problems since.