Torker LX abuse

Hardly a couple months ago I took my limited budget to the LBS and had them order me a 24" Torker LX. In that time I’ve bent the rim, nearly ripped off the seat, made the cranks loose and now one of my pedals is really loose…I think I may have ripped out the threading. I have had a lot of fun on it, learned how to hop up and down curbs and have been going big distances (almost 80 miles in 3 weeks), but I’m starting to see the limitations of my ride.

Since I started this unicycle-in-every-spare-moment-of-my-time way of living I’ve lost 10-15 lbs, bringing me down to around 215. I’m still too heavy for this unicycle though…I’m really not sure what to do. Can I upgrade parts on the LX to make it strong enough for me or should I just go for something new? I’m most interested in MUni and distance riding, but I really was having fun doing small trials stuff…well, just the hops I was able to pull off. My bind is that money is a big issue as I’m moving to Prague at the end of summer and have lots of bills and expenses associated with that move. I need a uni that I can bring over there that won’t need servicing twice a week like the LX needs now. How inexpensive can I go and still have something really worthwhile? I’m thinking of sticking with a 24" wheel, but wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to going bigger. Any suggestions from those that are more knowledgeable? Thanks for any help in advance.

you could upgrade the LX, but if you want to get into MUni/distance, then I would advise you get a new uni…and if you still want to do some trials with it, I think you should get a 24" MUni.
the Nimbus 24" MUni should be very good for you, I think…it’s relatively cheap, and not that strong, but at the moment you prolly don’t need a whole lotta strength. so yes, my suggestion is the Nimbus MUni.

Direct off the Torker website:

Is your LBS a torker dealer? I would bring it back and see if they can get you a free replacement.


I think I will try to take it back to the shop, but I know the trouble lies in the fact that my ass is too fat to be doing what I was trying to do on it…not sure if they’ll want to send me a new one to break just the same.

So get it brand new, and stick it on ebay. That w ill get you some cash to buy a different one. Its better than paying in full and having a broken uni lying around.


It is extremely unlikely that the shop will replace your Torker for free. It hasn’t had manufacturing defects, it’s just been ridden hard.

It definitely sounds like you’re at the point where you should start getting more unis. I wouldn’t put any big investment into the Torker; fix the pedal/crank if there’s a problem there, and leave it to be your uni for riding around the neighberhood, freestyle, loaning to others to learn on, etc. Less intense stuff. Then get yourself something more rugged. Since you’ve had crank problems, I would definitely recommend a splined hub uni. If you want to go the trials route, the Onza 20" trials uni is selling for $299 on; the Onza 24" MUni at $349 is also a fine deal. The Qu-Ax 20" trials and 24" MUni are also comparable.

Do you think that both the Onza 24" MUni and the Quax 24" MUni would support my weight off of 1 ft-2ft drops? I’m 215, 6’2. Either of these may be the route to go…although I’d hate to go one step up from my Torker LX and destroy either the Onza or Quax just as quickly.

The splined hub makes the whole setup more reliable. It’s certainly possible to destroy them, but it’s also possible to destroy a $600 uni.

Partly, you’ll need to improve your technique; if you lawn-dart your landings on your drops, it’s a lot harder on the equipment.

I think the onza or qu-ax muni would be great, and I doubt you could break them.

You could pour some $$ into your LX and get it back to near new condition and in a couple of month it’s trashed again. I’d get a new one. I’ve been riding a Torker DX24 for about a year now and it seems pretty rugged. I haven’t broken anything yet (on the uni anyway, we can talk about that collar bone later). About $150 on ebay, new. I’m 200 lbs and 6"1’. Still not a real good rider but it’s held up to hopping up and down curbs and some light muni. Good luck. Prague sounds cool.

Well, I took the LX to my LBS and am having them order me new cranks…I went with 140mm, think that’s wise?..I’m going to get a thicker tire for it too, just for the heck of it. I’ll see if I can make this thing work for me for a while longer. I suppose the longer I hold off on getting a new uni, the more I’ll save. Although I really do like the looks of that 24" Onza MUni…

I weighed 16 Stone when I rode snowdon on a 2004 Onza 24", and it held up fine. In fact, the only problem I had was last time I did snowdon where the keyway began to slop. I had lost weight by then, so it was probably just aggrivation of a small issue. The 2005 Onza won’t get this slop, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I weigh about the same as you, and I take mine off 3-4ft drops on a regular basis (with a loctited keyway). You won’t touch the Onza.