Torker Lx 26"

I am looking at buying a second uni and was thinking about the 08 TORKER lx 26". I am very impressed in the torker cx.
Any imput is appreciated.

UNIman7!!! :slight_smile:

Any size wheel lx will be much better than a cx. You’ll enjoy the extra speed

the quality of the lx is unbeatable for the price. i have a 26", and it’s been holding up amazingly. i would definitely reccommend it. what type of riding are you looking to do?

I was looking to get the 26" lx for mountian uni
I use my 20" cx for the street

it should hold up pretty well, are you going to do cross country, or do you want to do more technical stuff? you should be able to put at least a 2.3" tire on there. the next step would be something like this:
i currently have a 26", but generally most riders prefer a 24" for agressive riding, or a 29" for cross country.
a smaller wheel is more maneuverable, but a larger wheel rolls over bumps easier and is faster.

Mostly cross-country,But some tough sections (rocks and roots).
The problem now with my 20" cx is whenever I hit a rock or sudden elavation change it throws me off the front.
So the 26" lx should be better…Right?

Is the lx well made, sturdy.

I tried to put a 2.10 on my LX26 and the tire scraped the frame a little.
But that’s not such a big deal. The smaller tires are lighter and easier to ride. I am very happy with it.

If I remember right, the 26" LX comes with a narrower tire than the 20".

As to the falling-off-frontwards-when-you-hit-a-bump problem, I have that, too. But that I think that’s more learning how to deal with it than a unicycle problem. A bigger wheel should roll over some stuff easier, but then again, you have less leverage as you go over.

My daughter’s 20" CX has a narrower tire than the 20" LX (which is 20x2.125) and that may make some difference as well. I’m not sure if you can put a 2.125" tire on the CX.

yeah, the tire on the lx is a little narrower than the one on the 20 inch, i originally replaced the original one w/ a knobby 2.125 tire, none of the 4 i have were any problem, i’m pretty sure others can confirm that the newer lxes have more clearance than the old ones. the biggest tire i have used on the 26" lx is a 2.35 maxxis swamp thing. it rubbed the frame slightly, but i flattened the bottom of the crown slightly, which gave me about 1/8 inch clearance


Awaiting arrival

P.S Is the front grab handle sturdy

Yep, pretty sturdy, not as comfortable as the kris holm style handle but it works

The torker lx came today and it is AWSOME :smiley: . the 26" is a whole different feel to it but after five minutes on the thing I was doing better than on my old uni, which I have had for 4 or 5 years!!!
It is much faster then my 20" and when I switch back to the 20" it feels like a toy!

Torker LX is a great uni, I commuted on the 26" LX every day through the winter. I tried to put a 2.65 cujo DH on it but it scraped the frame, however it fit a 2.5" Michelin very nicely. Enjoy the uni.

Does anybody think the seat is kind of square? today I rode the lx alot and it was really starting to hurt, It felt like it was cutting off the bloodflow. Is there a more comfortable saddle that is somewhat inexspensive? Maybe It is somthing that you get used to becouse I rode about Two miles today. does anybody have the same problem

yeah, however the saddle clips allow you to take the cover off and convert it into an air or gel saddle if your into that, I converted mine into a gel seat and it served me well. Another option is buying a nimbus or KH saddle but that would require a different seatpost.

The LX/Miyata seat actually work for me pretty well. You can actually change the seat into an air seat pretty easily. Search around and youll find a few guides on how to do that.

Now the LX/Miyata seat and post use a different bolt pattern than the KH and any other standard Velo based seat. So you can buy a better seat, but it would also require a better post. So if you do buy new gear, just make sure the post will fit the frame, and theseat will fit the post, and youll be good to go.

Torker Unistar LX Unicycle 26 Dark Metallic Grey

Product Description
Torker Unistar LX Unicycle, 26,Dark Metallic Grey. Has a 26 in wheel. This is a great unicycle for the money.

Product Details
Amazon Sales Rank: #124033 in Sports & Outdoors
Brand: Torker
Model: Torker
Torker Unistar LX Unicycle
Dark Metallic Grey.
Has a 26 in wheel
This is a great unicycle for the money.

Customer Reviews
Great until pedals strip out of cranks
Great Unicycle, until the pedals strip out of the cranks! Made in China, probably with inferior metal forged cranks. When the pedals start flopping around your done for! I had a lot of fun riding it, then the pedals started flopping around. I tried tightening them but they were stripped out already. They hadn’t backed out or come unscrewed the threads just busted/stripped out. I’m really bummed!!!

that is the same thang that happened to mine now I have a 20" DX

new cranks are cheap anyway, just buy a set of pro wheel alloys or something similar from udc, problem solved. i did wonder about the lx cranks, their alloy is harder/ more brittle than most cranks i’ve used, but they’ve worked fine for a lot of people. the pedals don’t lock in to the crank arms as well as w/ a softer alloy, an my guess is that when the pedals loosen slightly (just enough to have a little play), this is when the damage occurs. my issue w/ the lx cranks was that they were too long. i did like the fact they were very low profile, and had no q factor. i switched to the prowheels b/c they seemed to be the strongest reasonably priced option, but the high q factor really messes w/ my spinning style.

Can you put just a regular mountain bike tire on one of these or are the rims different?