Torker Lx 26" Vs. Nimbus 26" Muni w/isis hub

What are some key differences with these two unicycles? has anyone ever ridden both? I own a Torker lx 26 and I am starting to be able to hop up and down smaller (under 12 inch) curbs with practice, however I take my Lx off road and do techy stuff (rocks, roots, points objects and heavy debris) and a few off road drops, I’m wondering how much abuse the Lx can take versus the 26" nimbus muni. I am aso wondering about the 26 Muni’s ability to be ridden on sidewalk and street.

I don’t know much about those particular munis, but I would guess the nimbus could be a little stronger. In case you didn’t know there’s going to be a KH26 soon too, the frame and rim should become available within a couple of weeks or even days. The complete KH26 will be sold in the end of the year.

LX isn’t a muni. It has square taper hub and cranks, proprietary seat/seatpost integration, so if you don’t like the seat (which you won’t) you will have to buy a new seatpost as well.

Nimbus has ISIS splined hub with venture cranks which are hugely stronger than square taper (which you could easily bend, snap or twist on a 12 inch drop), standard seatpost design, comfyish seat, muni tire, wide rim, brake mounts.

Notice a difference?

Long story short:

Nimbus: easily upgradeable, very strong, works for everything, heavier
LX: flimsy street cruiser, fine for very light duty use, not great for anything else

The Nimbus 26 works great on sidewalks and street. Very comfy for all type of riding.


I’m currently on an Lx which has been suiting me for the abuse I put it through, I’m just waiting to upgrade to a 26"Muni, I like riding around on the street but I would like something a little more tank like so I can cruise wherever I want. So until I can save up enough for a 26" muni, the Lx is my ride. It is already creaking from heavy use, but it’s holding up till I can afford one.

If you’re fairly lightweight than an LX should hold up for a while, just buy a fatter tire for it and go hit some trails. If you have some extra money to spend then you should look at buying a real muni, like the Nimbus. LX = economic muni; Nimbus = real muni. Trust me, the equations work out. I’m majoring in math.