Torker LX 26 questions

Hello everyone!
I am a unicyclist from PA. I’ve been unicycling for about 3 years on my first unicycle, which was a Sun 20" that I bought from It still works, but I want to upgrade. I have been looking at the Torker LX 26 on various websites, but I can’t seem to get any in depth reviews.
I found one on Amazon for $135.00 (not including shipping), but the description is kind of vague. If anyone owns one, can you please give me a little information. I am particularly interested in the quality of the seat (saddle), and whether or not it is comfortable.
Thanks! -perpetualwheelie

Welcome to the forums. The Torker LX seat has been widely discussed in the past. If you do a search you should come up with many days worth of reading. To sum up:

  1. Is it comfortable?
    It is basically the same as the old Miyata saddle that was regarded as the most comfortable seat of its day. It’s day has long since passed. The saddles available now are much better shapes, and more comfortable (general consensus). There are hold outs who like it better, so in the end it’s a personal thing.

  2. Can I upgrade?
    Sure. You just need to change your seatpost too (25.4mm). The Miyata style mounting pattern doesn’t play well with most modern saddles.

Something worth considering is that Unicycle.Com is having their annual 12 days of Christmas sale. One of these days a nice saddle could show up for $30, or a nice uni for $180. Who knows. In the past the sale has had some remarkable prices. Plus it looks like they are doing free shipping with the promotion code.