Torker LX 26'' Frame

Selling my new Torker LX 26’’ frame with stock seat post, seat, seat post clamp, cranks, and tire (26x1.95 kenda k-rad). So pretty much the unicycle without the wheel and pedals. :slight_smile: The seat, seat post, seat post clamp, and cranks were NEVER used. The tire has less than 24 hours of riding wear.

It’s color is “shimmer red”, very few scratches. Just bought it in September and don’t like the square crown, so I’m changing to a round-crowned frame. I don’t do any street unicycling anyway.

See the following site for specs:

Will post pictures on Wednesday on my day off. $100 + shipping, OBO. If you’re interested and live near SF/ San Jose/Santa Cruz/Monterey/San Luis Obispo areas in CA, I visit these places at least once a month and wouldn’t mind meeting up in person!

Thanks for looking!