Torker LX 24"

What can I do without breaking this unicycle?

Im getting a little too far ahead of myself but I dont want to break it before learning the basics. I can’t even freemount and I’m going off curbs. So, what is this unicycle meant to be able to do?


curbs won’t hurt it, I think.

What will is anything higher than about a foot to a foot and a half, depending on how much you weigh, how good your technique is (not too good, if you’re still learning), and various other factors. I think you’ll be fine going off curbs though.

Just make sure you keep the cranks nice and tight. I’ve been riding mine off of curbs for 6 months now, and it’s fine. But beware of the park bench calling your name. :wink:

I used mine for off raoding, and i did 3 foot drops on it, without bending anything.

jeesh… Teach me your technique? please? I need to work on better landings…

yeah, 2 and a half footers were fine on mine, i guess my roll-outs were decent
i did break it eventually though, just from repeated drops 1-foot and higher
when you buy one of those you have to expect to break it eventually
i now have a KH 05 w/ splined cranks (duh) and am not afraid of breaking anything: i landed a 3.5 foot drop w/ a horrible landing (i landed still and didn’t roll out OR bounce) and it was fine

I want to save up enough money for a really nice one, this was just so I can see if I can learn, and I’m doing pretty good.


It should be fine. I took my Torker CX off 1 foot drops alot, and it is still ok. I don’t know if my wheight helped or not, I only weigh 130.

U just have to keep hte cranks tight, and use rollouts

Two questions, exactly what broke on it when it broke?!?

And also what are rollouts?

Rollouts are when you roll the tire as you land and absorb the drop, other than sticking the landing firmly causing more stress.

Thats a good idea, I will try that for now.

I cant imagine not doing that. I screwed up a couple of times landing off curbs and basically got winded and fell off. I lose balance really fast at stand-still


don’t forget to tighten it or it will fall apart, thats what is happening with mione

tighten what? Just the parts I had to assemble, or is there something else?


there isn’t much

Hes talkin about the cranks

My Torker LX has started to creak as I pedal. It started doing it after going down a steep hill. The sound is coming from the right crank or pedal on the downstroke. Is it the sound of something coming loose or something worse? What should I try to tighten? I just got this thing a couple weeks ago.


It doesnt sound too bad. It might be that you or whoever assembled accidentally it put somthing on wrong/backwards. If the pedal wiggles, you need to tighten it, and that would mean that the frame was on backwards…check the “L” "R’’ marks inside the cranks. The unistar sticker is on he front of the frame.

I offroaded on my LX, and bent the axle a little on repeated 3 1/2 foot drops, finally broke it on a 1 foot drop. I weigh 130 pounds.