Torker LX 20"

I have a Torker LX 20" but i also want it for a little Muni… So should i put a really knobby 20" tire on it? I haven’t seen any so if you do or want to sell one, Post in this thread.

Thanks Guys

Just take the original tire offroad its not that bad i did it with my 24" lx and sinces it is a 20" the tire size i going to be the limiting factor not the tire.

yeah just got it today, haddent realized that the stock tire is’nt that bad.

Also what did you mean exactly by light MUni???

i have a 24" and i like to muni on it. But i think it might be worth the money to get a thicker tire, mayben 20 x 2.5 or 3

Maybe you should consider on getting a used MUni instead just so you can tell your mates that you have 2 unicycles. :wink:

But your idea works too. :smiley:

haha i told my friend i was buying two unicycles and he told me to just get a bike :stuck_out_tongue:

So make it 4 if he wants you to get a bike. :wink: