Torker LX 20'

i have some questions

  1. what is the highest drop you can do without breaking it?
  2. Stairs? does it handle them ok?
  3. How much “cRAP” can it take without beaking the saddle?

those are my questions,


What up, I got a 20 inch. I’ve had it for about three months. It’s my first uni, and I’ve been able to take it of at least a 2 foot drop. I can hop down a five stair, hopping on each step, and I can grind for about eight feet at near by skate park. It’s a pretty good uni from what i can tell. The seat is pretty good, it rubs on the inner side of my thighs like crazy, but now I just uni with spandex biking shorts on under my real shorts. Hopefully I’ll by a KH seat soon. If you got the $500, I’d go with KH 20. Any thing else you want to know?

wow that was a good review, nope all my questions got awnsered thanx

i broke my cranks jumping down a 4 set but i put the tire on backwards so it the pedals were always falling off and it wore down the threads i bet it could do way moreit realy depends on how much you weigh cus ive heard of people doing l over 4 feet just dropping instead of a rolling hop like i did

i was jumping down i cant do stairs on a 20 i use my 24 for that the saddle can take a beating if you keep the bolts tight just make sure you assemble it right or your pretty screwed

well i only weigh 85 lbs…

i weigh about 130 pounds and 2 foot drops are just fine

how about riding down stairs, going fast?