Torker LX 20' or Sun 20'

i cant decide which one to get, im looking for the one that is stronger and less likely to break going off drops, i weigh 85 pounds. also im looking for the easier one to do tricks on

Th LX is alot better.

there isnt much difference in them, but the LX is better

The choice is very obvious, the LX! The sun seat is crap, very uncomfortable, the LX seat is pretty good for tricks and stuff, and has a handle. Plus, the LX is at least a little stronger all around, has a better rim, hub/cranks, and frame, not to mention the seat again…

I like the sun seat better then I like the LX, feels almost like a KH type seat, only thing I don’t like that much is the frame, kinda stick out but its nothing bad.


id say sun

These are the ones retailing for around 100 $, right? I was thinking that they would be my next uni and I was wondering which one was better.