torker lx 20 inch

this unicycle sucks the big one

i think it might be made of straw or something because it breaks way to easy

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Well you don’t bring wine glasses to a rugby match. What are you doing to it?

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I have a torker 20 inch lx and i haven’t had problems with anything breaking. I’ve gotten up to five foot drops with it and down 20-25 stairs and nothing’s broken except for the handle is coming a little bit loose.

First of all, the LX is designed to be a freestyle unicycle, so of course it will break eventually after repeated drops etc, second if you want something truly sturdy you are going to have to spend more than 100 dollars.

And just to nitpick, why is it that drop height is such a focus among certain trials riders. For some reason I don’t find dropping from several feet impressive. However, I do find clearing a technical line or hopping up several feet impressive, that takes real skill.

Anyone can try a few times and make a huge drop… not all people can hop up huge ledges though :slight_smile:

Ive been riding this unicycle since last thursday when it arrived into the country (first on in NZ i believe) and im completely satisfied.
considering that it is pretty much the cheapest unicycle i could get, and i only intend on using it for freestyle im sure it will do the job perfectly.
It rides perfectly for one foot riding, idling, wheel walks and coasting.
i will unispin much better than my KH trials (due to seat height and weight) and I can 270 spin it very easily.
the only complaint is that torker put a semi knobbly tire on it where as i would prefer a strictly freestyle tire.
for a very cheap freestyle unicycle i am impressed thus far. if i snap the fram like i did on my torker DX then i’ll replace it with a nimbus longneck and it will still come out being a cheap freestyle unicycle.
miyata saddle is perfect for freestyle use too.

Exactly, I’m glad someone agrees. Also, I have a 24" torker LX from when I was first starting out, I had put a 2.1" wide offroad tire and turned it into a pseudo muni, it held up fine until I could afford a true muni. Just make sure that your spokes are kept tight and the rim true, as well as tightening the cranks and pedals and it will last you plenty long enough.

I love it for 2 reasons only, 1. after putting new cranks on it, it came out to be only 12 pounds. 2. i’ve had it for 4 years and have been doing aggresive riding on it and nothing has broken.

When talking about the strength of a uni, drop height is a good enough measure. He wasn’t bragging.

Its really not a good enough measure, there are way too many variables such as rider weight and height, angle of landing, roll out, spoke tension, proper maintenance, and so on. In this particular case I wasn’t saying hes bragging but I’ve seen plenty of posts judging people’s skills by how high they can drop

I agree with you. yay

HIghest drop I did on mine was 6 feet broke it on a four footer but for what I mostly did(technical trials lines) it was alright.

like what kind of aggressive riding/ tricks did you do?

Yeah right, Im still buying one :roll_eyes: