Torker Kangaroo: How do you ride this thing?

Has anyone own and rode one of this odd uni? :thinking: I am thinking you would have to do a lot of ‘jumping’ to ride this uni. :slight_smile:

I’m thinkin you just ride it like you’re riding one footed, only with both feet…at the same time…
don’t bother buying it though, waste o’ money, you can just turn one of the crank arms on your own unicycle around and you have a homemade kangaroo.

HA HA, James! By god, YOUR BRILLIANT! Didn’t think of that. I ‘could’ make my own Kangaroo with the rotating cranks. I didn’t think of that. Your IQ must be above a 100, right? :smiley:

that’s all they did. Must be looking for some extra change in the sofa :roll_eyes: . It’s not even a real kangaroo.

real kangaroos are different, the wheel is built with the hub off-center, so when your cranks are near the bottom-rear, gravity brings them back up to the power position.

A kangaroo with an eccentric wheel
Now that’s what a kangaroo uni is supposed to be like.

OK I want one of those

what if one built a BC-wheel-kanga? :smiley:


we’re talking about apples and oranges here
the ‘kangaroo’ and the ‘eccentric’ are two different kinds of machines
they can be combined into what is then (most imaginatively) called an ‘eccentric kangaroo’, but the off-center hub is not a pre-requisite for a machine to be called a kangaroo
some searching on both terms will unearth a wealth of threads on this issue
(and hopefully that kewl .gif Jagur posted of someone riding an eccentric kangaroo)

I’ve ridden our club’s udc-uk eccentric kangaroo (link posted by John Childs), having seen aussie Debbie ride one in a show at BUC a few years ago. I didn’t find it too tricky to learn, quite fun for a short while, but I soon got bored. It is definitely closer to the “circus” end of unicycling - useless for street/trials/freestyle/muni/distance, but okay for parades and shows.

James was right about it being like riding one-footed, but the eccentricity adds a vertical motion element.

Verdict: not worth buying one for yourself, but great if you can get your club to buy it.


people used to say that about unicycles, period…

Re: Torker Kangaroo: How do you ride this thing?

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“BraveSirStupid” wrote:

> what if one built a BC-wheel-kanga? :smiley:

i should probably rephrase: how cool would an eccentric-hub BC wheel be?
The eccentricity of the hub would make it possible to motate <cough> the
wheel by pogo-ing the platforms.


Someones got the right idea !
(providing the materials used are quality :smiley: )

Awesome idea! We won’t know how it works until somebody tries it. It could be “pumpable” like those old scooters with the eccentric rear wheel. I’m sure it wouldn’t be very relaxing to ride though, because you’d have to pump all the time.

Gild is right on the definition thing. A kangaroo doesn’t need to have an off-center wheel. But as a show machine, that’s definitely the most visual type to use. For the more budget-minded, just switch one of your cranks and have a more versatile uni.

I remember having trouble the first time I tried to ride a kangaroo. Part of this was becuase it had a really low seat, and the rest was because it’s different. I had to start by riding one-foot with my other foot hanging out the side (low seat, remember?). Then I was able to bring that foot in and keep 'er going. Once your feet get used to the idea, it’s actually quite a bit easier than one-footing.

Here’s another off-center kangaroo. Note the definition being explained way back in 1996 or so…

I think someone should make an excentric BC and post pix/vids!!!