torker handles?

Anyone know how the torker handles are? Are they all white or is that an old picture from the 05 dx? Do they break any easier than the KH handle? Is it made from the same mold?

Also I really dont like the slot on top of the handles. I have cought my thum in it a couple times very scary hahaha

no help?

I noticed on UDC the toker does not have the little ridges underneeth. That is what broke on my handle, 2 on those fins broke and it split in half.


i’ll prolly just buy one of each anywho

the DX has the ridges, how in the heck did you break them?
it is a KH handle, molded by VELO just like the KH ones. you may have gotten one from the bad batch.

i have broken a dx/kh handle before. that was fun. the early part of a muni ride. I jumped off a 2-3 foot drop and and landed with all of my weight on the handle. i didn’t land it though… fell on my face too.but i snapped the handle. they are good though. if you don’ put all of your weight on it it will do great.

whats with the white handle on UDC… ?
i broke it with some htis to pavement. i heard a crack once(to long ago to remeber how) dircect contact with pavment. a day later bang it smashed 2 full ridges out. it still works with gloves, tho when i forget to bring em on a ride i come home with a bloody hand

YES it is VELO from koxx

I think it might have all started from trying to bounce the seat… borke a rear bumper that way also

That might be the reason. :smiley:

A guy I ride with occasionally broke his KH handle (one of the bad batch) and the replacement didn’t have the fins on it–maybe that’s a new development in handles.

As for DX–my son and another local rider have abused their DX handles for over a year without any problems. As skrobo says, they’re both made by Velo and seem indistinguishable to me.

I highly doubt that. I just got a KH seat and it has the fins.
i think thats an old design. it is probably a lot weaker. like an LX handle.

problem with the one without fins/ridges is that its really painfull if you use it alot… as for strength… i think the ridges probbaly make it better but i dont recon it makes that much difference.