Torker for sale

I’ve got a torker unistar DX with splined for sale, Its in awesome condition i’d say i’ve probably only used it about 5 times.

Im asking $205 canadian for it, It’s an awesome uni you should look into it

Buyer pays shipping. I’m attaching a pic but im not sure if it will work


I’l Take the frame.

No dice,
the torker unistar dx is “bombproof” quotes

FYI: the torker unistar dx is a 20"

I’m intersted in buying the unicycle. What is your location?

Also, why are you selling the unicycle?


awwww I want it! If I hadn’t just bought an LX (good deal) I would definately have gotten that. It will be a while until I have enough money to buy a new uni, but I think I might just upgrade my LX to splined hubs (after I break these, of course, haha). Just out of curiosity, is it a 400mm seatpost?

I live on vancouver island off the coast of BC and im selling the torker because i dont ride it enough and i also have a KH 20 that i ride all the time

Im not sure what size the seat post is i cut a little off of it when i first got it

PS: to sweeten the deal im throwing in a home made airseat
whatta deal;)


ill take the airseat if it will fit into the torker unistar cx i got of udc, will you sell it to me?

If the buyer doesnt want it ill sell it to you

i also have some really nice echo cranks ment for a trials bike that still havent been used. they would only work on a 24" though

I’ll attach a pic in a bit

haha seems im selling off all my stuff… except for my KH that is


The echo cranks are retailed at $75 canadian click here to make sure (if you want)

Make me an offer

echo cranks.jpg

check your PMs.

You just can’t help yourself can you? If you need a place to store it, I still have room in my Basement, shed and maybe in the garage.

how tall is the whole uni? and how high and how low can the seat go?

Hmmm, what is $205 in american dollars?

dunno probably like 160 or 170


when i raised the seat post it was 40inches so about 3 feet and a bit, heres a pic

tall uni.jpg


Hey, e rod, you live on vancouver island? i do to, do you live in victoria? or near victoria? send me an e mail @ and i can add you to my mail list so i can keep you up to date about all the diffrent things going on around town!

is there anything wrong with it, is it in stock trim, what will shipping cost to australia and how does 200 canadian cound?