Torker DX

im gonna buy a new unicycle and im wondering about the torker dx 20" i heard its pretty good. i wanna do some trials and some mountain riding
if you have any information or thoughts about it im willing to listen


good unicycle. good choice.

Go for the 24"

If you are going to be doing any mountain riding go for the 24".


here are a bunch of reveiws

Ive ridden one before they are quite heavy but for trials and small muni it should be pretty good.

I REALLY wouldn’t want a 24 for trials.

trials w/ a 24… less maneuverable, more weight, it holds you back, definitely not a HUGE problem

muni w/ a 20… painfully slow, still fun on the trails, just not like riding a trail w/ a 24"

my advice is this:
24 for more muni than trials
19 for more trials than muni

get a better uni if you can afford it, i think the KH comes in soon, email AE bike and see what price they can give you on a KH and when they will have them in stock.

A bit heavy but the best out there for a really low budget.