torker dx

is the torker dx a good mountain uni to start riding mountain trails with !!


The only downsides to the 24" DX is it’s a bit heavier than all of the other splined Munis and it won’t fit a 3" Gaz tire, but it will fit all other 3 inchers.

It does comes with brake mounts though.

I think the 2007 one should fit the Gazzalodi.

it doesnt


Note: this configuration will accept the Duro Wildlife Leopard 24 x 3.0 tire, which can be ordered separately. The Nokian Gazzaloddi 24 x 3.0 tire will not fit.

but, yes it is a great uni

also, there are about 30 threads on the DX alone, so could you try searching please?

Yes, but the picture is not updated.

Does the Gazzalodi not fit from height or width?


Yes what? That doesn’t answer my question.

If the Gazzalodi didn’t fit from the height clearance in the 2006 DX, then it should fit the 2007, presuming they added more clearance like the 20".

lol, that was an ‘or’ question. If all else fails, get the 24" DX and also buy a Nimbus II 26" frame, then you will have no problems with tire clearance or anyone saying “your frame is going to break” even though the new DX ain’t likely to.

I think the DX always had that clearance from when it used to run a 20" tire instead of the 19" trials setup it has now, but I’m not sure.

From the 2006 to 2007 change, they added maybe an inch more clearance above the tire on the trials.

Oh, well then that would explain the massive amount of space I have on my DX. Man, you could easily fit a 4" wide tire in the trials version! If they have that much space on the MUni, then it will easily fit that tire.

Umm, 4" Wide… no… but you could fit a much taller tire in the frame.

A Twenty-G would fit easily.

Lol. exadurated a bit there, sorry. But yeah, the Gazzalodi should fit. It all comes down to calling UDC I guess. I havn’t seen one of the 24"-ers first hand, not an '07 at least.

Just dont get a Gazz.

There are tons of other 3" DH tires you can use, that youll probably like more than a Gazz.

But it has such a cool name!

how can you resist the cool name. right?

the dx is a good uni
get it
who cares if you can’t get 1 awesome tire when there are plenty of other awesome tires out there
and yeah, my 19" rocks, they are reallly strong and you will be happy w/ it

i said something good about the DX
im realllly in a good mood :slight_smile:
but it is a good uni nonetheless
YOU won’t break it

hmmm that’s exactly what the guy at the bike shop said when I bought my first uni. DAMN MOTHERFUCKING LIER…

he won’t break a DX though
i don’t know of anyone breaking anything on a 24" DX im sure a seat stiffener and seatclamp/seatpost, but idk about anything else.